Confused by site layout

Bore da! I was here a few months ago and was taking the 30minute lessons in southern welsh. I just got back and now they’re gone and replaced by 5-10minute lessons in northern welsh that talk really really slow. So slow that I can’t remember what I said by the time they start saying their sentences because I’m still new. I can’t use these new lessons. Too hard to follow. I need the old ones. Can someone help me find the 30minute lessons in southern welsh so I can keep learning from where I left off a few months ago?

Also, my account deleted or something even though I kept getting the emails? So I had to sign up again with the exact same email and lost my previous posts and stuff? Can’t find my old contacts anymore on here either… I wish I knew what happened but the forum is too overwhelming to search

Nevermind! I figured it out by switching to Manx and replacing the word manx in the url with the word welsh to get this URL:

I prefer these lessons. They go at a pace that keeps my attention

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Hello Mike, so you’ve found everything you were looking for or still something missing?

p.s. Actually the link you posted goes to the standard new lessons (called challenges). So I don’t know where you had ended by mistake - could be a very short test-course that people can try before subscribing that’s been on since a few months, I believe).

Your old account won’t have been deleted, so that might just be a matter (if you really want to try and hook up with your old posts) of pinging

Otherwise, we’ve just made a slight change to how people get going in the first place - we’re finding that little bite-sized intro stuff helps people ease their way in - once you get through that (it’s only 5 small sessions, and you can just tick them as ‘done’ if you know you don’t want to do them at all) you’re back into the ordinary challenges - so it’s a little confusing for people who haven’t been here for a while - sorry about that… :slight_smile: