Computer menus in Welsh

Well that was exciting! My computer just crashed and when I restarted it had implemented some tinkering I’d forgotten I’d done with the result that linux was interacting with me yn y Gymraeg! My first thought: “this is great.” However this was quickly followed by realising that I would now have to type in welsh to pull up programs efficiently. Not going to happen I can’t even read Welsh yet.

OK so how did I change the language? I started typing languages and now it only listens to Cymraeg! After a frantic few minutes copying different words that appear in the dictionary under language I found that the magic word here is ieithoedd! Huge sigh of relief. However armed with that I may give it another go sometime!

Has anyone else tried this experiment?

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I turned one of my Ubuntu VMs into Welsh, yes (although I can’t remember now which - I don’t think I’ve used that one for a while). The biggest challenge was understanding what apt was telling me during a dist-upgrade, if I remember correctly. That bit was slightly scary.

No matter how “brave” I am, I wouldn’t dare to do that (yet). :slight_smile:

Doing the computer in Welsh sounds intriging, but as I am someone who is so far too feared to use a cash machine in Wales using the Welsh language option, I’d better leave it just now.

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What could possibly go wrong? :laughing:


I think it was the second or third date with my girlfriend, and in a fit of romantic whimsy I pressed the Cymraeg option when she was getting some cash out.

Ten minutes and much frantic button pushing later, the card came back.

Now I have to stand far away when she uses cash machines.

In the interests of balance…I must have had hundreds of successful Cymraeg cash machine trips since.


The trick with using a cash machine in a language you’re not sure if you’ll understand is to find out where the cancel button is first. Red button will usually give you your card back after a bit.

As Rob says - what could possibly go wrong?

BTW Here’s a blog post about how to use Cash Machines in Welsh:

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It wasn’t the lack of a cancel button that was the problem.

The screen said “urgggh, me no feel so good” and then went dark.

Fortunately it must have had a restart on error option

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Thanks, that made me COL (chuckle out loud).

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Thanks Iestyn, I’ll give it a go next time, though it will probably be next year now. I suppose I’m just scared it might swallow my card and leave me in Wales with no money to get home.

I tried it in Mold last week and learned a new ‘Welsh’ word by doing it - preswch !!!

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