"Completed" marker on new interface?

I can’t find the ‘completed’ marker on the new interface on the website. Is it me??

Alternatively - how do I go back to the old view for now?

(I’m using SSIW as a demonstration of “how to learn quickly” with my trainee technical students!)

I am pretty sure that the new UI does not have this feature Leia.



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There’s no “completed” marker on the new design and I’m not sure there’s plan for one to be added.

The procedure of how to get back to old look you will find here.

Oh, and you’ll read in the post that I plan to make a guide around new look but I sadly can say I didn’t do anything yet so the described procedure you find there should doo for now.

Happy learning.

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We do want to use the whole ‘completed’ thing again in the future - just got a bunch of other stuff we need to get done first… :sunny:

@leiafee - I think if you go into your profile (on the site, not the forum) you can switch it back for now, although that’ll be running out fairly soon, so you might want to screenshot if you have particular points you want to make… :sunny;

'S alright - it won’t kill me to make a note of where I’ve got to!

Just wondered if I was missing something obvious!

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