Comments on the Six Minute a Day course

Hi @chandra_s, the Six Minutes course sends you an email each Monday with the Challenge for the week, plus some additional tasks.
Some people work along at that suggested pace, either just doing 10 minutes of the Challenge each day, or repeating it a few times if they wish. While it’s not necessary to repeat as the material itself is repeated for you in following Challenges, it’s not a problem if you’d like to do that.
Other people like to move on at a faster pace, so they use the ‘Learn’ option above and choose ‘Challenges’ to work on independently. They either ask to be moved ahead in the course from time to time, then work through the emails they’ve jumped over, or they allow the emails to come according to the usual schedule and have another run through the Challenge for the week as a way of seeing how much they’ve improved in the meantime.
Have you joined the 6/6 Support Slack group? It’s a good place to discuss these kinds of questions and to join in the online Q&A and Welsh practice sessions.

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