Comments on six months course

Gwych, diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do you mind if we use your full name? People seem to believe it’s real more when we use full names… :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s fine. :grinning: Free free to do whatever you want.

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Diolch o galon :star: :star2:

I’ve hit a wall. Challenge 22, can’t get past the first 5 minutes. It’s like I’ve forgotten everything.
I’m unable to get my sentences from soundcloud to the forum so haven’t completed the last few weeks exercises and don’t even know how slack works given up on that. Somebody please tell me this is worth the pain I’ve lost all enjoyment!

Hello Nerys,

in my experience, there’s a little bit of up and downs in the learning process: some days everything seems astonishingly clear, and a few days later I can’t even remember the most basic things.
But I can tell they do come back eventually! :wink:

I guess each learner has their own way to overcome the bad days. I prefer to just take it easy, let it just rest and sink for a few days - listening to songs in Welsh for example, which I always enjoy. Or sometimes watch something easy on S4C, maybe with subtitles - anything to keep myself in touch with the language in an enjoyable way.

And then I try the challenge again and see how it goes: sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it take a bit more patience, so I relax and try again another day or repeat a previous challenge once. In any case I can say it always works at some point if you don’t let the pain discourage you!


Don’t worry Nerys, as Gisella said, sometimes this is all part of the process but don’t suffer alone - we are all here to help you through the tough bits :slight_smile: .

When you are on the soundcloud page of your recording, you should see an option to ‘share’. This will give you a link which you can copy, then paste that into the relevant thread (or a new one) in the ‘Speaking Practice’ category of the forum. If you still have problems, come back and ask - there are a couple of threads about soundcloud which have screenshots, etc.

Please don’t give up on the Slack bit - it’s invaluable! Basically, Slack is just the platform - it offers a way for people to speak via video (similar to Skype and Google Hangouts), and the 6-month course has its own special groups. It can be daunting at first (I know from experience!), but it isn’t too difficult to cope with after the initial “rabbit-in-headlights” moment and it really will help you. I’m not on the 6-month course myself, so the way I use Slack is a bit different, but @Deborah-SSi (when she’s got a moment - busy lady!) will be able to tell you more.

And lastly, as Gisella said, don’t be too hard on yourself and find a way to keep in touch with the language in an enjoyable way. You must have chosen to start learning, so try and reconnect to what inspired you to start - hopefully that’ll help keep the pain at bay!
Dal ati! :slight_smile:


Tell me a little more about this - how many times have you tried? How much are you using the pause button? Are you stopping because you’re tired or because you’re discouraged by getting lots of them wrong? Are you getting them ALL wrong? When you get them wrong, does the answer you then hear sound in some ways familiar, or completely strange?

Sorry, barrage of questions - but the answers will help me figure out what’s happening here for you, and what the least painful way forward will be… :slight_smile: