Comic Mellten

This is rather good fun if you’re at the reading stage!

£2 an issue.

Nicely drawn and a pun or two I got even as a learner :wink:


Just going to stick #ebostwythnosol on this to see if that helps me collect interesting posts on Tuesday… :slight_smile:

I’m so excited about this!! I’ve been plotting all kinds of Welsh language comics over the last couple of years; I think it’s something that could be insanely valuable for learners. Every now and then I get an itch to try to make some, but it hasn’t gone anywhere just yet. I’m glad someone else is beating me to it!

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I bought a copy last week when I picked up my Lingo Newydd from Siop y Siswrn in Wrecsam but haven’t got around to properly reading it, I did have a quick flick though it though reading bits as I went, it looks good. :blush:

Dolch am hynny!