Cofiwch Dryweryn/Cofiwch Epynt-Discuss it here

The (hi)story behind the news, movement and it’s impact on Welsh identity and it’s impetus for driving interest in the language should not be ignored.

I have been linking to our promotion on Twitter and the statistics are amazing. If even just one person signs up that’s a win-but there have been thousands of reads and it’s amazing to see. You also get to practice your Cymraeg…try Welsh first sometime :+1:

Limited Edition T-shirts raising money for charitable cause.

Less than 100 remaining… 45 and dropping!
Get yours here:![1860299832_8dzh|448x500](upload://hmZvLTJWqCNMXjvZlWrUaJlXSN0.jpeg)

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Cofiwch Epynt is also popping up.
Remembrance is powerful, the language is empowering and there will be much discussion o yn yr Gymraeg for ymarfer/practice!


Sold out…almost…just small men’s left…:flushed:

That’s fine… It was a first run to test interest. Ceri is looking to do another. You weren’t the only with size issues this run.
In this case, “everything from this to go towards something on site. Apparently the memorial chapel is vandalised and closed.”.
There are other sites with shirts including female styles out there and with different colour options. I liked Ceri’s at cost efforts to raise money for Tryweryn project/work.
Crack on and check out the other sites and get ready for conversations to start!

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Diolch Sean,
The fact that proceeds were being used in such a way was really appreciated…

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Yes indeed. Cadw :expressionless:

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Ceri might be able to swing something for you:

Diolch Sean…

We’ve made contact direct via Twitter…:+1:

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