"Co Ni Off" - Panel Game on Radio Cymru - Fridays 12:31

“Co Ni Off”

Panel Game on Radio Cymru

“Aled Hall and two teams in a battle of words with plenty of laughter.”

Today at 12:31 and then presumably there for 7 days via iPlayer.

I’m glad to see this sort of thing appearing on RC. Panel games can be silly I know, but “a battle of words” should present some opportunities for the learner.

I’m listening this very second it’s a great show! Aled Hall has my favourite Welsh accent it always cheers me up and, I can follow almost everything he says…I was just thinking about posting a link myself. Diolch!!!

It’s not a format that’s alien to Radio Cymru. There have been several of these panel type shows (wonderfully cheap to make!) in the old Friday 6pm slot.

I was hoping there would be; I just hadn’t noticed them before.

Having said that, I did hear something similar in the car, when some of us were getting a lift with Iestyn at the April Bootcamp. I forgot to look in the schedules when I got back to find out the details, and I’d not noticed anything similar since. Might well have been on a Friday though.

As you say, must be cheap to make (maybe why Radio 4 has so many of them :slight_smile: ).