Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉 Questionnaire coming soon!

I use a random number generator - it’s like the online version of closing your eyes and swinging a pen over a list :smiley: I then highlight who I’ve written to on a PDF so I can ‘re-roll’ if I’ve already had someone (although I’ll respond to any cards I get, of course).

@jenny-5 - just to pop on here that I definitely have written you a response, I remember getting your card this week (#452)! The address on my reply is in the format it appears on the list - really hope it does get there, fingers crossed.

I keep a list of who I’ve sent a card to, which card I sent and when- then I put a tick if I get a reply- I keep the cards I need to reply to separate from those that I’ve done- as I’ve got M.E. it helps keep me organised! :smiling_face:

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I have a similar system :blush:

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I did… Have lost track :man_facepalming:

I don’t think you’re alone in lack of replies @catherine-evans-3, sadly. And the post office should have no problem with the correct postcode @jenny-5, although they are great fans of post towns - at most it might slow your mail slightly (I’d stick with Powys).

Something I forgot to mention at AGM (as forgot about), though know has been an issue for some - please remember that answers do count as sending a postcard! I’ve certainly heard from people (when still helping with list) who thought that if they answered someone, that didn’t count towards sending postcards that month - and they felt it was too much to answer people as well…
Answers are part of the joy of belonging, when you get them (and no, I’ve not received many answers either). It doesn’t matter if circumstances mean you don’t reply instantly - answers after a gap are lovely too.
(Apologies to anyone I owe an answer too - I fall into the delayed answering group at mo - but I’m working on it!! One advantage of not receiving many cards, efallai??!)

Royal Mail does have a Welsh version of its postcode finder, if you’re ever worried - although if part of what you put in is in English, it won’t always change it to the Welsh version, even though it will show it in Welsh if you enter it in Welsh (if you’re near the border, and have an English post town, like @jenny-5, it will offer the English name for that, in my experience)

=> Welsh addresses for those in Wales should be fine, so long as the address itself is right; and postcodes are designed such that mail should still arrive, even if most of the address is missing! :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m #79 and don’t realy get any unsolicited cards any more but do get replies.

I tend to send to new people on the list and to the occasional ones I haven’t contacted before who are in the middle.

As for addresses, the postcode should be enough to get them from other countries into Cymru and probably right to the destination and there shouldn’t be any problem with Welsh language place names once at the sorting office area.

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Diolch @reesgilbert am dy gerdyn hyfryd! Thanks for the lovely card which arrived safely.

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@charlie-o - diolch yn fawr iawn am dy cerdyn. Bydda i anfon ateb yn ôl yn fuan.