Closing words

Hi all, I am due to give the closing words at the end of a schools concert at a local cathedral. I want to do it bilingually and wish to get the pronounciation right.
I got to lesson 21 in July but due to work commitments and the later CDs I copied the lessons onto going missing ( I listen to and from work -2hr round trip) havent progressed past that and keep going over the same lessons . I wondered if theres a section later dedicated to saying more like ‘thank you all for coming’ etc.
Otherwise can anyone offer any suggestions.

S’mae Ange?

How about something like “Hoffwn i ddiolch wrth bawb i ddod heno” - I’d like to thank everyone for coming tonight.



First of all, good for you! Excellent that you want to do it bilingually in such a situation, As someone terrified of any form of public speaking, I take my hat off to you!

Probably many ways of saying this. Maybe even just
“Diolch i chi gyd am ddod!”

I have a suspicion that you dweud diolch “wrth”, but if you are just diolching in general, you diolch i whoever.

So maybe the above suggestion would be “hoffwn i ddiolch i bawb am ddod heno”.
Unless of course Stu has heard or seen such constructions, which is always the best way! Just my thoughts on the matter without knowing whether he has or not.

But I do not know enough to say what would be the best way to say it in this situation!
If it is for a speech in a Cathedral, you may want to wait until someone with a better grasp of Welsh gives a better answer (always a good idea anyway!), which certainly goes for the pronunciation as well!

Good point Owain. I think I remember “diolch wrth” from Cwrs 3, something like: “Ddudon nhw ddyla’r teulu’n diolch wrtha fo” or something similar, but I cannot be certain without going back over the lessons!



This is what I’d say :sunny:

Thanks , there are 12 schools and the usual guests and it is during the day. I would want something more like :
I would like to thank everyone for coming today. It was our first combined event and after Im sure it wont be our last. Well done everyone.
However, it will be the pronounciation that Im most bothered by as there will be a fair amount of the audience with first language Welsh. Is there anywhere on the lessons that help with the words I will be using?

I tried something similar a few weeks ago and if your experience is anything like mine, the audience will be so pleased to hear you making the effort they’ll be very forgiving of any mistakes. It will be an amazing buzz as well!
Go for it!