Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up

@Hendrik 's suggestion works for me and possibly my chauffeur, @ChrisJones .

Now to find a good place to meet

How about Caffi Emlyn on the main road? it would save non-bootcampers driving down the narrow lanes and may even be near a bus stop.

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Love it when a plan comes together!

Remind me again everyone, what date would this last Saturday of bootcamp be?

I make it the 28th, and I thought of Caffi Emlyn right after posting :slight_smile:
They have a room to the side that we always use for bootcamp Sunday dinner, so we could be apart from the main diners.

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Excellent news!

Right, so if there are no objections - I put it to the Clonc-edigion board that these shall be the details of the proposed next meeting of said group.

Saturday 28th April 2018:
11am - til everyone leaves.

Caffi Emlyn, Tan-y-groes, Cardigan SA43 2JE (Is this the right one btw?)

Any objections, please shout loud - otherwise forever hold your peace.


That’s the one - and it has a bus stop right outside for the main bus between Aberystwyth and Aberteifi.

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Here we are…


Sorry, Huw, I’ve been away and missed it.

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I’m looking forward to meeting up with fellow “cloncwyr” on Saturday as well as Sionned and as many other bootcampers as can make it. I’m hoping Chris can join us again. :smile:
Nicky’s poster


Indeed indeed! It’s the montly Ceredigion talking in Welsh club time again!

I must make an apology in advance for the dark shadows under mine and Lara’s eyes tomorrow morning as we’re off to see Manic Street Preachers in Birmingham tonight. Expected arrival home: 3am(ish)

Hey, maybe the tiredness will slow down my talking!? :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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We had an excellent multi-national “clonc” today enriched by the newly-released bootcampers. The sun shone on us, even if it wasn’t around much for the preceding week.

It was great to meet and chat with so many old and new friends and put faces to some famous forum names. I was really impressed by the standard and flow of Welsh conversation.

Cafe Emlyn appears to have changed hands since my bootcamp days.


As Huw said. A rather global affair this time around. Was very nice to have some honorary Cardis amongst us if only for an hour or two.

I don’t know what everyone’s Welsh levels were prior to bwtcamp but you all speak and spoke superb Welsh.

So good to see you all and do come to our area again soon!

For the regulars… Its been a busy weekend so I’ll give you all the weekend off before we start talking about the next one :slight_smile:


OK then guys and girls…

First thing we need to decide is which Saturday to do? I’m mindful not to bump into the Machynlleth crowd’s monthly meetup - as they’ve been incredibly helpful with ours. I’m also aware that we have the SSIW Party on June 2nd, so there’s a temptation to run it on that day as people might be in the area anyway.

Also aware that as the Summer holidays start approaching, people may start going missing :slight_smile:

Open to discussion, what is everyone’s preferences?

Sat 26th May.
Sat 2nd June (Same day as SSIW party)
Sat 9th June.

In terms of locations, my suggestion was the new Moody Cow Farm & Coffee Shop in Llwyncelyn (near Aberaeron).

It’s a pretty new and quite nice venue on the A487 about half way between New Quay/Llanarth and Aberaeron. They were recently featured on S4C’s Heno programme and all staff there speak Welsh, so could be a goody.

Any other suggestions?

My preference would be for 26th May, and I like the idea of supporting a new business that makes a point of having Welsh-speaking staff, so I think the Moody Cow would be a good location.

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Very good point well made there.

Here’s the video that I couldn’t find for the life of me earlier - but found within 2 seconds when I googled it this time around

That date and venue are good for me, too. I could also manage 2nd June and then go on to the SSiW party in Carmarthen.

I’m sorry that my recommendation of the last venue was based on my out of date memory that it was a Welsh-speaking environment. :blush: I was glad to be able to use my two words of Polish, though

Which venue was that? I always forgot who organised what! If it was Tregaron, that place was brilliant!

If it wasn’t that one, I wouldn’t worry :slight_smile: There’s often nothing better than crashing 15-20 Welsh speakers on a place D:D:D

It was the most recent venue on Saturday which I think I may have recommended. I agree, Tregaron was great and worth a re-visit in the future. :smile:

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To be fair, if we didn’t get that venue, then we wouldn’t have had the Bwtcamp link up, or perhaps more would’ve tailed off home if it was too far away, so it was grand for me.

They didn’t speak Welsh behind the counter, but they understood when I held two fingers up (the inoffensive way around, I might add!) and asked “Ga i ddau coffi ddu plis?” :smiley:

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OK then, based on the above - do we have any objections to…

Saturday 26th May
Moody Cow Cafe, Llwyncelyn (Between New Quay and Aberaeron).

Also, any suggestions for future visits?

Some possibles to think of in the future that I know of…

Baravin, Aberystwyth.
Caffi Alys, Machynlleth (I know there was a bit of a fancy about going when the new bit is open upstairs).
Cwtsh, Cardigan.

Anybody know of any others? :smiley:

No objections from me. It’s in my diary. :smile:

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