Claudia - how you really compare

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Not flabbergasting at all. Definitely deserving…


Okay, that’s interesting - that suggests strongly to me that if you get your mindset right, you’ll be able to speak before you hear the Welsh most of the time - but that can happen later.

Right now, the important thing is to make sure that you are saying something in the gap every time - so making full use of the pause button.

You’ve proven now that this method is working for you - or 1 to 7 would not have felt so familiar - so now you really need to push on through to the end of Level 1 with as much use of the pause button as you need, but without repeating any sessions… :slight_smile:

You can do this, Claudia. Just follow the map… :slight_smile:


:kissing_heart::rose::sunflower: Oh, the dragons are back, wonderful…love them, diolch yn fawr iawn iawn! :star2:

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I downloaded all the lessons of level one to my iPod and will take them to work with me again tonight. Last Sunday, during night shift, I sometimes felt myself getting in ‘the flow’…I could blurt out sentences without thinking and searching for words…without consciously translating. A part of me just stood there with an open mouth! Before, I had the impression everything I learned went in, yes, but got lost somewhere in the depth of my brain. As if there was a huge mess…I couldn’t reach anything. Now, my brain seems to have started to organise things, in order to make the Welsh I’ve learned available.

Goodness, just imagine, finishing Level 1 and being able to move on to Level 2…I almost don’t dare hoping for this to happen :nerd:

I will follow the map, Aran…diolch o galon for your precious help and support! :rose::sunny::sunflower:


You’ll get there… :slight_smile:


Since I don’t have a webcam, that’s me. When I made a selfie, my grown up sons laughed their behinds off and said: “Mamma, try not to look soooo boring…at least try to make a duckface!” Well, I’ll never be able to make a dignified duckface :joy::joy::joy: