Cinio Nadolig, Mochyn Du, Caerdydd (mis Rhagfyr 5, 2016)

It was fab to see everyone on Monday.
We did discuss a possible cinio Nadolig. There is a menu on the Mochyn du website (though I am sure they would do a burger for Wondersheep!), The first Mon in December is the 5th, unless the 12th would be better for folk?

How many people would be interested, and when? Obviously if anyone else happens to be passing through Caerdydd then it would be fab to see you x


I will be going - just need to know how we’ll all be going about the booking, as they will need advance notice and it will be subject to a deposit being put down.
I do hope we get quite a few going though
Gav :slight_smile:

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Y Mochyn Du …

… good (not so) old memories … When you find it you never forget it again. …


Anyone else? Tatjana? :slight_smile: maybe one year
Maybe we should just have a normal meeting instead if there is no interest?

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Maybe, but surely not this year for me …

I’d like to come along, could do either of those mondays, be it official cinio nadolig or normal meeting depending on numbers! (Wouldn’t have thought the pub will be too busy on a monday either way) :relaxed:


Has anyone decided how we will be going about booking this yet?

I’m thinking if there are at least 3 of us who are definitely going to have a meal, we could possibly ask management if we can have like an open booking where people can book their place and pay their own deposit, but under a collective name (say “grwp SSiW” or something like that). We may have to check with Y Mochyn Du that they will be able to do this for us, with an estimated idea of how many of us are expected be going, but of course only offering us a table for those who have confirmed with a deposit that they will be attending. I say 3 of us as they might not go with just 1 or 2 for a potentially larger booking. I’ll be happy to be one of the first to start this off.

Are there any thoughts or other ideas about this??

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Have been thinking about this, but unfortunately very busy with family so only now putting it in action! How about people send me a PM by midnight, Friday 25th with their choices and I then go to pay the deposit? On the night then, everyone pays me their £10 deposit and settles the rest with the MD? But it is on the understanding that if you are unable to come for any reason and they withhold the deposit, you still have to pay me that.

Just edited the date in this - so by midnight Friday 25th so that I can call in to MD on Saturday morning. Date to book: Monday 5th December.


I’d love to come. Both dates work for me.

I’ll check the menu and come back with my choices asap.

Looking forward to it!

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So far looks like only a couple of us going. Have extended the date as I realise that I will be going to the Mochyn Du on Sunday evening for the monthly quiz, so can hand in the order then.

So if you do want to order food for 5th - Please get your order to me!



I won’t be able to come to the dinner, I’m afraid, because of Uni activities (everything gets so busy in the lead-up to Christmas).

Might be in the quiz on Sunday, though - we’re supposed to be getting a student team together :slight_smile:

I did a little boost on it in the title so people can see they didn’t miss anything yet.

Pob lwc.

(I hope I was allowed to do that)

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Cath and I’d (belatedly) like to come, assuming they’ll let me just have a burger instead of the Christmas meal :slight_smile:.
How’d you like to be sent money and choices?


I am also planning to come as well and will message you choices Ali.
On looking at their conditions it does say that they will hold an order for 14 days without a deposit, so that might be an option?


Ordered for Gav, Julie, Matthew, Tom, Phil and I last night. For whatever reason I did not see your post Kev, but think they are happy with the day to day menu, but I will check and let you know.

Sara: Our little team of 4 came 4th out of 8 teams last night, so we were very pleased, given that the winning team had considerably more members than us - although if we added up our ages I think our team would have the most years - unfortunately not of wisdom!!


I did try messaging you Ali, but probably pressed the wrong button!
I will ring up the mochyn du and add myself to the group

Perfect. Looking forward to it! Is it at 7pm?

Sorry Jenny - I have called you Julie! Have ordered for you! :flushed:

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Just checking this is still happening tomorrow? If so I’ll see everyone at 7pm…:+1:

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Yes, this is still happening - we have food ordered!! :smile:
See you tomorrow!

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