Chaucer in Aber

One of Aberystwyth’s most treasured possessions is Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales and I was delighted to discover today that it housed Chaucer’s manuscript.

(Please cut and paste this url if you’re interested - I’m too lazy to find out how to insert a link.)
Edit. I should have known that Ifan would have sorted this out for us. :slight_smile:

During the last SSiW party weekend I made the time to go up to the LlGC. Not only is it a lovely building but it holds some treasures, I was particularly fascinated by the Black Book of Carmarthen, and a few other very old manuscripts. Next time I’m there, I will look out for Chaucer!

It’s a copyright library - it houses at least one copy of every text ever published in the UK. As I understand, it’s one of four such libraries in the UK, though I forget where the others are.

Yes, there are 6 “copyright” libraries (now called Legal Deposit Libraries) in the UK and Ireland. The other five are:
The British Library, London
National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
Bodleian Library, Oxford
Cambridge University Library
Trinity College, Dublin
The British Library receives a copy of every publication as you describe but the others, including LlGC need to request one.

Oh? My mistake; what I said was what was mentioned in the booklet we (read, Aber students) got given advertising the library…

If you’re still in Aber, Hector, now would be a good time to re-visit LlGC. They’ve also got some loan items from Efrog Newydd linked to Dylan Thomas, I believe, and the CEO has announced development plans for the future.

(You didn’t read Physics at Aber, by any chance?)

Computer Science. I’m not there right now, but I’ll be heading back in a week or so.

I know this hasn’t got much to do with this thread, but I’ve just been commissioned to make a sculpture of Chaucer in Canterbury. I’m doing a lot of Chaucer researching at the moment, and the name flew at me from the screen. It will give me yet another reason to visit the National Library, thanks.