Changing input language on Yosemite?

S’mae pawb,
I have by now rewritten "ar hyn o bryd " ten times with my laptop correcting it to “ar hen o bride” :weary: do any of you mac users know to switch language automatically? I’ve tried changing the input source but it only works with the keyboard not the actual language…

I’m not MAC user but what about switching autocorrect totally off?

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I’d had to disable several things at once… I’ll have to see… so annoying…

I believe if you go to “System Preferences” and add Welsh in the “Language and Region” section you will get a selection menu added next to the sound, battery and wifi icons in the upper right (flags, if I remember correctly) where can switch between the languages.

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Hey Bobi, yeah that’s what I’ve done, you’d think that it would switch languages automatically, but it seems to work only for the keyboard not the actual language :disappointed:

Did you see this? I’m at work, so can’t really look at it right now:

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Diolch! Dw i’n mynd i drio… (not sure about spelling? :disappointed_relieved: )

I had changed the date and calendar on my phone previously but I had to change it back to English as I was getting too confused and missing deadlines at work ahaha but I might try again…

I’ll see what happens switching to Welsh as the first language.

ps. “…the information given in this video during it’s recording…” GROAN!!

Nes i gwylio fo, ond dw i ddim yn gwybod fod o helpu di. :frowning:

Mae’n ddrwg gen i.

Hefyd - dw i ddim yn gwbod sut i sillafu, yn Gyrmraeg neu Saesneg. :smile:

Dim problem :slight_smile:

Do you mean that you expect it to work out what language you are using at any given moment with you telling it? I am not sure that is possible…yet. :smile: