Change of name

Just wanted to highlight a change - my moniker “sumsmeister” needs updating. I have changed my email address and on the fforwm you will find that sumsmeister has changed to Garys.

Like Carys but a bit more masculine…:no_mouth:

Hmm, second thoughts occurring…no, leave it!

I am still aka Gary Stokes…


Good choice. :+1: I’m glad I finally met you and can now put a name to your face. :smile:

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Do you mean you’re going to give me another name?!

From my point of view, it was lovely to meet a real gentleman. And someone who knows how to dress to impress!!


Your anonymity is shot now Garys, but mae dy gloak of invisibility wedi diflannu hefyd which is even more wondrous, leaving you free to carry on bewitching and enthralling but with your full armoury of facial features all in play!

I has a similar experience on the 6/6 workspace Hangout recently… as “broadcast” from Yr Anglesey!

@aliC knows I’m nervous about what may follow!

I has neu I had… @nia llywelyn knows films… am I Gollum now?

:smile: I love the soft mutation there :smile:


A good move, @Garys. And an interesting choice of lower case ‘s’ rather than a capital for your surname.

That second Solent meeting never did get off the ground did it, but I guess it’s never too late. Then again, it would pale into insignificance against the parti penblwydd. I’m sure you took the usual grand tour to get there? :grin: :smiley:

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Thanks Alan!! Yes, the three lovely people I picked up had to put up with a detour, but this time we went the other side of Llyn Clywedog and stopped for a bring and share picnic, which worked out nicely. And yes, we went through Tywyn and I at least enjoyed the Dysynni Valley!
The Parti was massive and a wonderful experience.
Lumps in the throat as I drove out of Caernarfon yesterday that haven’t become a distant memory yet…
Great to hear from you, I will be going to the next Cacen meeting (in Chichester) and would be happy to take you!


Diolch yn fawr Gary, that’s a great offer. I see it’s this coming Saturday. I may need to juggle one or two other things first but will message you to let you know for definite.

The Parti certainly sounds every bit as special as it was billed. And I know how much the north-west means to you, so it must have been a wrench to come away.

Lorna, please tell us more about how you’re going to be embarrassed…
Better done in private on my thread than in public :wink:

Well… it’s as with famous Windmill - I suspect one that a Spanish knight was wont to tilt at - about which it was once was said that “if it moves, it’s rude”.

Felly… up to now I have been only a static presence in any Google Hangout, and in my early days definitely “Wyneb i waered” as I am still topsy turvy in terms of the Forum.

Now, since the Hangout o’r Anglesey, Fri 31st May, 2019, late for my own unveiling/undoing, even the 6/6 Slackers know that I can and do move…

In my audience/spectators that movement is, mostly, “to tears”… @nia.llywelyn felt it best to curtail the Hangout early, you know.

My initials are GAS, instantly avoided…my daughter called me “Vater” at one stage and any really indecisive behaviour around my father would illicit this comment from him:- “You’re like a fart in a collander not knowing which hole to come out of…” GAStric issues aplenty…

Blimey. Well mine aren’t much better - ARP - straight out of Dad’s Army!