Challenging myself -- finish Level 2

Ok, here we are on the 4th December. I’ve just finished Challenge 12 of Level 2.

I think I could finish Level 2 this month if I set my mind to it, so I am challenging myself to do it. I know I have heard that public commitments help people follow through, so I thought I would commit to it ‘in public’ here on the forum and see if that helps.

This is a thread for me to report on my progress. Any encouragement gratefully received.

Anyone else want to challenge themselves to finish a Level by the end of the year, or reach another target, to keep me company?


[quote=“alice9, post:1, topic:10252, full:true”] Anyone else want to challenge themselves to finish a Level by the end of the year, or reach another target, to keep me company?

Me! Providing there are no nasty surprises in the last couple of challenges of Level 2, I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the year. I’m currently on Challenge 22, but have the additional distraction that I’m working through Course 2 at the same time.


Awesome Jane, glad to have your company. Good luck with your challenge. :grinning:

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I know I’m completely nuts, since I’m thick as a burned toast…but I will finish Welsh level 1 by December 31. Yeah, come on…hell, we can do this!

It’s an old video, but still so madly cool…


Excellent idea! Well DONE :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Claudia, great to have you along too, awesome. We can totally do this.


Cheers Aran =D

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OK, I give in. A spur should be a good thing anyway. I have been finishing Lesson 25 of Course 2 for too long so I’ll aim to get the vocab units done before 2018. I know that only means half a unit per day but that is fast for me!


Very inspiring idea, Alice! I’m sure you’ll do great and finish level 2 absolutely successfully!

As for me, even though my memory and cleverness are sub-par, I’ll certainly know a few words and expressions more by the end of level 1 than I do now.


You are perfectly yourself, Claudia - no-one could be more Claudia than you are - which is NOT sub-par.

Everyone is unique - so everyone is different - but you are perfectly you, and you deserve your own affection, so do please give it to yourself…:slight_smile:

And we know that your memory DOES work - so keep on pressing on, and you WILL keep on getting better… :slight_smile: :star2:


congratulations alice9 !
You can be proud !:tada:

Erwan, only level 1 challenge 7 for now


Great Raymond, good luck with your challenge!

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Thank you Claudia. I am sure you will do well too. Have you done a Challenge today?

And I have to second Aran in saying please don’t be horrible to yourself! I know it can be frustrating trying to achieve something but you need you to treat you as someone who you care for and appreciate. I know I am guilty sometimes of being ‘a dreadful employee to myself and a worse boss’ but hoping I’m in recovery from that now.

I only managed about five minutes yesterday as well as some listening so I am determined to do a whole Challenge today.


Thanks Erwan, well done for getting to Challenge 7. Do you have a target for the end of the year too?

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thanks Alice9. challenge 9 would be nice indeed.
Good luck with level 3 :slight_smile:


Done L2 Ch13. Still a bit lacking in confidence about pressing on, but I am making some welsh noises almost always without using the pause button, so if I understand right I should just carry on and do Ch14 as soon as possible.


Yes, that means you’re doing excellently - keep it up!.. :star: :star2:


I’m on Level 1 Challenge 5.
I just can’t seem to stay focused.
I’m so easily distracted.
Any tips please

I find that I need to do something with my hands or my mind starts to wander. I’ve crocheted two cushion covers and knitted quite a lot of a sweater while working through the challenges.


First up, you’ve done very well to get that far - in many ways, the most important steps of all…:slight_smile:

Now, how does the distraction kick in? During a lesson, or between lessons?