Challenges and vocab aren't matching up on different visits to SSIW

I’m getting completely different challenges on different visits to SSIW even though I’m always selecting ‘south’ - help!

Hmm… Are you sometimes going on to the newer “levels” and sometimes the older “courses”?
They do differ.

If that is the case, my advice is simply stick with the newer “levels”. :blush:

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Not sure. The only other clue seems to be the names of the download MP3 files. I’m going to have to check again to see what the ones I’ve downloaded so far are called (Welsh C1 Challenge[no.]s as a top line name, but I have a feeling the names of the MP3s are slightly different. Then what I seemed to be stuck with earlier this morning was different again. Will check it out again, unless you can give me more of a clue re. which is called what - thanks for your help; confused of Nantmel!:confused:

Old material of Course 1

New material of Level 1

If this can give you any coue …

And I don’t quite understand what doesn’t match: .mp3 files, written guides if you click “Vocabulary”? Not quite sure what you mean.

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OK - what I have is the WelshC1 etc but what I was seeing when I logged on to SSIW this morning was the gwers etc so is there a definitive link that I can use that will always take me to the new material of Level 1? I think that as long as I’m on the new material of level 1 then everything will be OK - vocab will match, MP3 file will be OK, everything; it’s just that the site that I was on, the downloads were all gwers[no.] etc. It’s weird that I can somehow get onto the old course material… Thanks again for the reply - very helpful; at least now I know WHAT is wrong; just need to know how to fix it nawr! :relieved:

Hi Owain - ie that’s what it looks like, somehow I was getting onto the old course. But I’ve asked another responder for a definitive link to the right part of SSIW so that I don’t somehow end up with the old course material. Bit weird… but I’ll get there in the end - diolch yn fawr

I’ve managed to find out some more - it seems that I MUST - mae rhaid i fi - go to “Challenges” in the menu bar at the top of the home page to get to the right downloads and vocab. Those that appear on the page after choosing ‘South’ just aren’t the same. Just esie fi cofio nawr!

Since new course is not the “main learning material” on the Welsh part yet as it’s not all finished yet (you’ll see Challenge 25 of Level 2 South is still missing) you get to the old material first. When the whole new course (what means all 3 levels) of both versions - South and North - will be finished (as I recall @aran saying) the old material will be taken off and will not be available for those who didn’t grab it and dowonlad it on time, anymore. It will be like with Spanish - who came in early days when old material was available (I’ve managed to download first 2 lessons and not more) they still have it (on their computers or devices of course), for all the rest the new material is available.

When new material for Welsh will be totally in place there will also not be Weekly and Daily practices (as I can understand the things) but those which are implmenented into the course itself will be perfectly enough.

The accurate links to the new levels:
Level 1: (with changing the number at the end of the link you can go directly to the challenge you want or click on the site at the bottom to the required challenge you want to study.

Level 2: (and the same thing as previously).

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Thanks @tatjana that’s very helpful. Think I’m all straight nawr. Diolch yn fawr a hwyl

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