Challenge Course two?

I have completed the new Challenge southern course one in about five
weeks. I am far from perfect but am I doing the right thing to just get going
with the new Challenge course two? Most of the first lessons I am pretty good at, however I do
still find one or two areas tricky.

I am planning on attending boot camp in September but I can’t
book until I am confirmed time off work!

Advice please!

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Personally i would move on. Do say five lessons of the next course. Then go back to the last couple of the first.

You will be surprised how much you remember and you will have improved

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You should be fine just moving on - the areas you find tricky will continue to come up, and will improve.

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What about the vocab sessions? Shall I leave those? I already know my numbers, days of the week and so on.

I would defintiely advise you to move on - don;t worry about the bits and pieces that you haven’t “perfected” yet -there will always be some of those, and they’ll change over time.

If I were you, I’d go into the vocab lessons, and try a few. If you already know the material, then you will fly through them and get a bit of extra practice. You may also find a few of the lessons, ven with stuff you already know, a bit challenging, which will only go to improve the speed and felxibility of your Welsh.

You may find the vocab units a bit more difficult than the main course, because they use a slightly different method to the main course - don;t let this affect your confidence. If you feel that your going backwards, then move on to course 2, which follows on from the end of course 1 (in other words, you don;t nee to have used the vocab lessons in order to do course 2).

In other words, do what you like - what you enjoy - because you’ll leran more from enjoying it than you will from working hard at it! And September bootcamp will be a (hugely beneficial) shock to the system whichever route you’ve taken! (I hoe you can get time off work - bootcamp makes a massive difference to how you use your Welsh!).

Let us know ho wyou get on!


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That’s a superb rate of progress - congratulations!

Yes, absolutely. We’re talking about the (new) Levels here, rather than the (old) Courses? If so, the vocab sessions were really designed to fill in some of the gaps in the old Course 1, so if you’ve got through Level 1, you’ll have covered the key points in them already. But as Iestyn says, if you do a quick run through, you’ll either confirm what you’ve got or pick up some extra stuff… :slight_smile:

I personally benefited from doing the vocab lessons at the end of course one as you do cover a lot of useful , new stuff such as talking about yours and others work , how to say nice to have met you and other useful conversational tools . Even the number sessions ( which I thought that I wouldn’t need to do either ) are useful as it teaches you how words mutate after certain numbers

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