Challenge 4

I have just tried to do challenge 4. Head officially hurting and very confused. So much new stuff and I’m getting so confused between ‘I must’ and ‘I have to’ and ‘I need’ and then bunging ‘still’ into the middle. And then ‘that I’ve’ which isn’t the same as ‘that I’ which I’d got sussed in the previous lesson!

Help! Is this normal?

Yes. It’s perfectly normal. You’ll get used to it ;).


Gorfod is another way to say it.

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The challenges have the different ways. I can’t remember them as I’ve only done the first 20 mins of the challenge, and can’t type them as I haven’t unlocked the notes yet as the challenge is completed

Yeah, I’m sorry about that - slightly over-egging the pudding, no doubt about it. Please feel free to scream every time ‘still’ crops up, and blame me, and not worry about them at all.

With must/have to - my guess is that this is actually about have vs have to - which is also a little harder than really necessary. Again, please blame me, not yourself, for that… :slight_smile:

But keep on going. The bits that don’t stick (yet) do NOT matter. The keeping on going, by contrast, does:thumbsup:

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It’s like I had got ‘mae rhaid i fi’ sorted as a phrase but obviously didn’t know where the words separated. And then you bung ‘dal’ in and it no longer works as a phrase which completely throws me! Possibly doing a new challenge whilst driving is not smart.

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It might make it easier to think of it this way: mae is one way of using the verb “to be”. So the mae in mae rhaid i fi is taking the place of “there is” in “there is a must for me”. So where would you put “still” in that sentence?


Mae dal rhaid imi - i still must. There still is a must.

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The question was Socratic, and aimed at the OP ;).

The confusion between “got” (possessive) and “got to” keeps catching me out in this challenge, but that’s more of an English language problem!

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Hi, I know that this is a bit of an old thread, but I just wanted to say that I’m finding level 1, challenge 4 really tricky too. I keep getting everything muddled and not being able to remember things, especially when trying to squeeze in ‘still’ or ‘that i’. There are so many new words too. I’ve found other challenges pretty straightforward. I just need to practice more and do a little bit at a time I think.

Don’t worry too much about the ‘stills’ - some of those are trickier than they need to be! It’s worth trying to get a handle on ‘that I’… but that will come in due course with the revisiting you’ll get throughout the sessions… the key thing here is not to get hung up on any particular challenge - it’s not clear from what you say here how many times you’ve done 4… it may well be a good idea for you to move on to 5 now… :slight_smile:

Thanks Aran. I’ve only done challenge 4 once and I listened to the first part again this morning and it was actually a lot easier, so clearly something must have sunk in, even if it didn’t feel like it at the time! I think the main thing was that I was getting ‘i must’ / ‘i’ ve got to’ mixed up with ‘I’ve got’. And also the word ‘more’ kept changing. But I’m getting my head around it now, I think - I’ll listen to the rest of challenge 4 and then move on. Thanks again.

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I think that’s a slight flaw in the script, too, actually! So really, don’t worry about it, it will sort itself out later on…

And if you can feel the improvement already, you’re doing excellently… :star2: