Challenge #3 Southern

Can someone explain the translation used for “for about a month” please?

My dictionary gives “am tua mis” but in the Challenge it sounds like “am bitti mis”?

It is the “bitti” (probably spelt incorrectly) that is the problem.


Shwmae Rob,

This here is one of the many dialectual differences in the Welsh language that is used in the south.
The standard Welsh (and what is used in the north) is indeed am tua mis, but in some parts of South Wales you will hear am biti mis. There are however, many variations to the spelling of this and its origins. There are a couple of threads on here that has already raised this question where there are some explanations. The best one I found was “New course one question about am biti”. Hopefully this will be of help.

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As, Gav, says there are different spellings including - biti, boiti, obeutu, amboutu