Challenge 22 got me stumped

Helo Pawb,
I am currently on level 2 challenge 22. Towards the end of the challenge there are a few sentences that have got me stumped.
It is spoken at a speed that I find difficult to understand the pronunciation and it is not included in the written examples.

  1. “ I said that he doesn’t want to go “
    I thought the translation should be;
    Dwedes I so fe’n moyn mynd.
    Iestyn says, “ Dwedes I na ??? Moyn mynd “

2.” I said that he hadn’t “…
Dwedes i na ???

  1. I said that you hadn’t…
    Dwedes i na ???

Could somebody help me fill in the blanks and give any explanation.

Diolch yn fawr iawn.

  1. I had a quick listen and it sounds like “nag yw e” or “nag’w e” because it’s run together.
  2. “nag oedd”
  3. “nag wyt ti wedi”

Explanation - “nag” here works as a negative “bod” in the middle of a sentence. So “that he doesn’t/isn’t”.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Anthony, this is a great help.
It’s going to take a while to get it into my head but I can understand what you are saying.
Many thanks.


I’ve just done this challenge and was also mystified with the appearance of ‘nag’. Other than that I got through it reasonably well.


Struggling with the end of this one as well,:+1: