Challenge 21 - quieren - dijeron?

I thought I must have missed the explanation for some of these. And decirselo and decirles. These sneaked in with no explanation. Very challenging. Hope I can make it to the end. Not sure I could have managed unless I had done sone lessons on verbs before.

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There are a handful of variations in there that (because of the nature of the methodology) we didn’t catch as needing extra presentation/explanation - occasional subjunctives, some other little bits and pieces - probably worth going over those lessons a couple of extra times, and then either don’t worry, or go hunt a grammar book - once you start getting yourself into Spanish conversations often enough, they’ll iron themselves out for you… :slight_smile:

Gracias, Tengo muchos libros sobre gramática española. Podría abrir una tienda. (una broma)

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