Challenge 17 - it -

Just started Challenge 17 today and have an annoying issue.
When to use it and when to leave it out.
In Challenge 17 at 2:42 Yes I enjoyed it very much thank-you, there is no mention of it in the Welsh (fe).
At 7:24 Kat says, ‘Yes I enjoyed it very much.’ Iestyn says, ‘Yes I enjoyed very much.’
At 12:07 Did you enjoy it? Wnesti joio? Again no it!
Anybody, when and when not to use ‘it’?
Diolch yn fawr

I haven’t listened to it, but in Welsh, “joio” can be an ‘intransitive’ verb- you can simply “enjoy”, rather than “enjoy something”.

This also happens in The Welsh dialect of English- “Did you enjoy?”

As I say, I haven’t listened to the lesson, but I suspect the above may have something to do with it.
It may not, though! So wait for someone else to confirm.

Hope that helps!

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Technically a slip in the mapping, because (as Ow says) it gets used differently in English.

But really, don’t worry about this level of fine detail - you’ll develop your own usage habits once you’re getting yourself into conversations often enough - just say what comes to mind first… :slight_smile: