Challenge 15 Level 2

Wow! That was a difficult one. Is it normal to want to put your head in a bucket of ice after that?
I kept gaining momentum then losing it left, right and centre. Were the pauses shorter too? As I could not get the Welsh out in time in quite a few cases


I’ve got this challenge coming next Monday. The trailer at the end of Challenge 14 made me want to do it now. But I will follow the process in the timely manner.
I honestly think that some units are harder but not the same ones for everyone. I’m still recovering from Level 1 Challenge14. Dweud is my problem word with all its uses and forms. I’m sure that if you keep calm and carry on all will make sense eventually. (That’s what I keep telling myself)


Hi Ken, I agree I think keeping calm and carrying on is the way to do it. The challenge throws quite a bit of the early stuff at you interspersed with the newer words so it’s very easy to get tongue tied. I do remember challenge 13/14 of Level 1 also being difficult but I got through them so I’m sure I’ll get over this hurdle with more confidence.