Challenge 12 menyw or fenyw

Definitely not hopeless! I think you’ll be surprised at how much you remember from previous lessons, and as @aran always says, don’t get stuck on one lesson. If you move ahead and then come back to it it will likely start to click. That’s happened for me, and lots of other people. Dal ati!

It really isn’t hard to use Skype…you just need a microphone or webcam, and to download and install the software. We can talk you through getting it set up, and then you can have a speaking partner. It is much more fun, rewarding, and motivating when you can talk to someone other than yourself :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t know about a second series for Now You’re Talking…I did watch some of the first one on YouTube. Hopefully someone else might know.

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Is that so terrible? I will be sad as I can’t really claim you as outside Wales for petition purposes if you are living in Carmarthen, but it wil be good to be home, no? Also, above you claimed age, but with teenagers, you surely are not that old!!

Thanks for the kind words. Actually, I don’t have a computer and rarely venture to places with a computer so Skype is out for now. Also don’t use email or mobile phone. The joys of living in the jungle all these years! I just use burned CD’s of Course 1 SSiW, Now You’re Talking, a couple of children’s books in Welsh and a dictionary. That’s basically it. The future may hold something different but for now it’s off back into the coedwigoedd glaw.


It will be great to be home after all these years to the land I love. Fresh air, scenery, language and culture and guaranteed rain which doesn’t happen much where I am. I am just scared of reverse culture shock and what is going on right now. I won’t enter into politics but from this side of the world it appears that people are being strangled by rules and regulations at every corner and bust a gut to break even by the end of a month and have precious little time for the enjoyment of life itself due to work commitments.

@YDraigGoch I understood that you live in the jungle but I didn’t realize you don’t have a computer. Best wishes for whatever the future holds!

As Anna has said - stop repeating 13/14! Move on! You can always come back to them later - they’ll still be there…:wink:

I got stuck there too! I moved on and got stuck at 17. Currently wiggling round between 15 and 17!! About to move on - honest!! (Or @aran will slap my hand!)
Re- your return. It is true politics in UK is currently in meltdown. House prices vary widely. I moved to Scotland because similar beauty here was loads cheaper and I couldn’t afford to maintain my Gower cottage. I could have afforded less desirable, but still lovely parts of South Wales, but I was aware of problems associated with single status and aging. I didn’t want to end up depending on neighbours who had their own families to care for! Up here, I have two friends close by (one actually on the premises, as we ended up sharing), all of us single, so we help each other, although my health has limited my usefulness, I’m afraid.
You should find somewhere to live OK. I’m not sure about work, it depends what you do. Rules? Too much of taking obedience thereof to extremes! But that’s people - and a lot of fear with no basis. I do not believe that children now are at any really greater risk than we were, but parents seem to fear letting them out of sight!

I think you talk a lot of sense. Personally, Id like to move to a quieter location South Wales. Within striking distance to a town and where Cymraeg is spoken. However, kids will dictate where we finally go. School (though given resources I’d prefer to home-school them. Well, off to watch Bale and Ronaldo and co fight it out. Come on Wales…

I have to agree with @aran. I feeling bloody proud of myself - having done Northern levels 1 and 2 - and Northern old course 2 and 3 (amost) in two months - I started May 10th.

Moving on feels entirely wrong at times - but suddenly it will all fall into place - sure I forget words and use the wrong ones but it is surprising how much will just fall into place naturally. Sentences that seem long now will seem easy - but equally you will move on and feel better about things.

The lessons on short forms verbs in old course three had me totally confused and then all of a sudden…ges i, gawn ni, gafoch chi, nes i, nath o, naith o, weles i, wela’i etc etc just fell into place (although the spellings haven’t clearly!) - make mistakes - it what we do in order to learn. Worrying about them will just make you overthink things.

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I’ve had major blips on both course 1 and level 1 (around 20/21) where I don’t seem to be making any progress. Push on for three or four challenges, even if by the end you’re not saying much at all. Then give yourself a break of a week or so to let everything settle and your brain to rearrange everything. Then go back to the first in the group and work your way through again. You’ll be amazed at how it suddenly makes more sense. Also I got stuck on the vocab units for course 1 (all those directions) so I’ve left those and will go back to them when I’ve finished level 1 ( I don’t want to get lost at bootcamp)

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Taken advice and moved on this week. Though have spent enough time on Challenge 10-12. I have gone through 13-15 and can manage about +/-50% if the brain is functioning. Today Challenge 16 with the pause button to the 7 minute mark with mostly 100%! Wouldn’t have believed it if you’d have told me I’d be here this week.
Renewed enthusiasm.
Thanks everyone for the support.
And our boys did us proud in France.


Yn wir! See “Football related lesson” for this subject!

I really, really hope this proves to you that moving forward is better than getting stuck! +/- 50% is an excellent hit-rate, and certainly means you’re ready to move on - and as you now know for certain, your percentages don’t necessarily go down from session to session… :slight_smile: