Challenge 11 - Level 2 (South)

I was hoping some could explain something for me. About 20 minutes in to this challenge there are a run of sentences which are along the lines of “what did you think…?”

The translations are all “beth wyt ti’n meddwl…?”

I would have though this was “what do you think…” as I can’t find any other part of the translation which changes the tense.

Thanks to anyone who can help me understand it a bit better.

Could they be saying “Beth o’t ti’n meddwl …?” which sounds very similar and would equate to “what did you think?”


You’re right. Embarrassingly they say it slower about 6 minutes earlier in the lesson and it’s really clear.

(Hangs head in shame).

Lesson learned :slight_smile:



Ah, but this is a perfect example of the vital importance of making mistakes. You are now never going to forget it - the more embarrassing the mistake, the more likely you are to remember it forever!! :wink::grin: