Celebrating starting lesson 25 of Course 2 - and next is

I never thought I’d get here but I’m starting lesson 25 - which I finish just as I set of for 2 weeks in Patagonia - which I think will be a “bootcamp” for my Welsh (I will worry about the Spanish later on) At least I can say that I am lost in the desert and need water in welsh

Seriously ,looking on the Forum I don’t understand what follows Course2 - logically course 3 but the supporting challenges and practices do not cover Course 3. Do I go to the new course 1+2? Any advice, would be appreciated

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Hi Wyn - good luck in Patagonia, should be a brilliant experience!

I’m not sure what you mean about ‘the supporting challenges and practices’ - do you just mean that we don’t have daily practices for Course 3? I wouldn’t worry about that per se - having said that, though, I personally think that moving on to Level 1 and Level 2 would be more valuable - either way, you’ll keep on learning… :slight_smile:

Yes that was the point I was making about Course 3 as I make good use of the Course 2 daily speaking practice as a “warm up” to doing the lesson - a process that has really helped my learning.

So when I didn’t see the same provision for Course 3 I wondered.

But I am still puzzled as it seems that if I start on new course 1, I’m going back to the beginning, wheras old course 3 would seem take me beyond old course 2
so could you just clarify for me please?

Hi. I have done it the other way round.

Don’t worry. You will learn different things and slightly different things too.

It will enhance what you know and provide new vocabulary and ways of saying things.

Paid a phoeni a dal ati. Dylet ti drio ymarfer mor cymaint a phosib a dw i’n siwr bydd y cwrs newydd yn dda iawn. Mwynha a gad i mi wybod os ti’n licio fo.

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Levels 1 and 2 are not really like going back to the beginning - it is different and a lot of the things you will have just done in Course 3 are introduced straight away in Level 1, but sprinkled in here and there. A lot of things you might never come across at all before will also be there - especially in level 2. If you’re not sure just try lessons 24 and 25 of Level 1 and I think you might be surprised.


I would second what Toffidil said. In my opinion, Course 3 is more of a traditional systematic working through of the short forms of common verbs, where Levels 1 and 2 will give you a more organic/natural introduction to a variety of words and phrases. There will be a little bit of review, but certainly lots of new material. Oh, and I also would say that the Levels are a good bit more fun too!

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You’ll probably find that the first few lessons are a little too easy, but that just means you’ll fly through them - by the time you get to about 4 or 5, though (at a guess) you should find it getting challenging enough to keep you on your toes… :slight_smile:

And in terms of what you cover - Level 1 and 2 will probably do more new stuff for you than Course 3, because Course 3 is mostly about giving you extra variations of how to say stuff, by focusing heavily on the short forums…