I seen this on YouTube a while ago, a programme with a method of learning Welsh. Now it’s available here
With the poem they learn download able. (this link is to the one they did but there is more on there)

I watched before but no material supplied like now. Tempted to give this a go wondering if anyone else has heard of this suggesstopedia method or this show?
What I don’t get is on YouTube and this link there’s an episode with Derek Brockway and a Gavin and Stacy actor but on clic it’s a completely different group. Odd. On clic they cut the lessons so not sure if you can join in.
I’d like to see more join in learner programmes. Besides the one on Sunday, it’s been too long since they’ve done any learn Welsh programmes and when they do I don’t feel like you can join in. Hope this makes sense I really need to use my phone less to chat on here.

There was more than one series of this, so I imagine the episode with Derek was a different series to the one in the link.

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I thought a few of the same people were in it. :see_no_evil: I was wrong.

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@jen I watched most of one series with Wynne Evans and Gareth Thomas, and then bits of what I thought was a more recent one with Lembit Opik and Helen Lederer - but a quick check on Wiki reveals it to be even earlier - 2011! They’re quite confusing to unravel. I quite enjoyed them but not sure how much they added to my Welsh, though they obviously had a dramatic effect on some of the participants.

Anyway, you might be interested in the previous discussions about the series:

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