Cariad@Iaith 2015

There’s former Bootcamper, Wynne Evans , along side Nia Parri presenting the new series starting - Sunday June 4th with a preview of this years contestents.


So looking forward to this! I’m still watching the lessons from last year on Youtube.

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Derek the weather already speaks Welsh. I’ve spoken to him before at the Show. I hope they’re not going to bore him to death by making him sit through the basics.

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He’s not what I’d call a learner…

It starts tonight and runs each night throughout the week.

20:00 Cariad@Iaith 2015 - Rhagflas
In the first programme of the new series of cariad@iaith:love4language 2015, presenter Nia Parry will be joined by a previous c@i contestant - presenter and singer Wynne Evans. They will travel the length and breadth of the country and beyond to meet the eight brave celebrities who have signed up to learn Welsh this year. The eight reveal why it’s important for them to learn Welsh.

And and some point late in the week Derek, Steve, Nicola and Rebecca are filmed serving tea, coffee and cake in Siop Alys in Machynlleth. Derek serves me to a coffee and flapjack (before that he signed my Weatherman Walking book - in Welsh of course) :smiley:
It was so nerve-wracking being filmed simply asking for a cup of coffee, but the celebs were even more nervous than we were. Then I went to the filming of the final night at the Centre for Alternative Technology. It was a cold but fascinating evening.


Cariad is available wolrldwide I’ve just spotted…


I thought the actual lessons were supposed to be on line. There seems to be a site, but when I click on ‘video lessons’ nothing happens. Any ideas?

The Cariad@Iaith lessons are on YouTube, 2015 as well as past years. If you search playlists, there is one by Dal Ati that has the 2015 lessons all grouped together…

I was away when this was on, so I’ve recorded them all. I’ll look out for you, Helen! Fame at last?

The week passed without much fanfare this year…Didn’t have me enthused for some reason - couldn’t engage at all. It lacked something. Not much mention of it online also…

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I’d agree! I thought last year was much better. The reason I wanted to find the lessons was in case they were better than the programmes!

It would be nice to know if any of the people who have taken part over the years have continued learning Welsh and have become reasonably fluent. I suppose Wynne Evans is one such person but who else? Or is it just a bit of fun?
Nia parry is so easy to talk to.

[quote=“henddraig, post:13, topic:2623”] The reason I wanted to find the lessons was in case they were better than the programmes!

I have been through all the lessons from this year (well 11 anyway - I’m not certain how many there are). I think they are absolutely amazing. It’s possible to get a lot out of them even without the text that they are working with, which introduces the 1,300 words they play with during the week. They are all on YouTube, just search for Cariad@Iaith 2015. It’s important that you watch the first lesson, which explains a little about the de-suggestopedia method that they use, or look at the Popeth Cymraeg website.

I have to admit being a bit biased on this, because I did a Popeth Cymraeg week-long course with Ioan Talfryn last year (just before I went to my first bootcamp). I found it the most incredible experience and learned so much. The whole thing is so much fun and there is absolutely no stress - it doesn’t matter if you get things wrong, you’re not even using your own name! Definitely the best face-to-face course I have been on, ever! @steve_2 also went on the same course - what do you think?

The Popeth Cymraeg course and SSiW are perhaps a perfect combination - I now play the CD of the story that we used on the course at double speed, just like the listening practices, and I can understand it!


I’m sad to admit it but I feel the same :frowning:

Easily the best I’ve been on as well. It was fabulously stress-free learning and there was a definite pay off in the weeks that followed. I’d forgotten that we got a CD of the course - not sure if I ever played it afterwards. I’ll have to give it a go… once I’ve finished the remaining 30 lessons of Ysbyty Brynaber :wink:


In case this is useful to anyone: there are PDF files available of the text that they use on the S4C site here:

General Page with lesson videos and links to texts:

Welsh Text:

English Translation:

I watched the first two lessons on YouTube and printed out the texts, but since I’m trying to stick to the SSiW way and not read yet, I’m waiting to do any more until I finish Course 1 :smile:


Thanks Anna, that’s really helpful. I will do them all again now and join in the games of word tennis and word bingo. Perhaps I’ll find a cuddly toy to throw about too.

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