Just wondering if the Mochyn Du meetup is happening this month (tomorrow?)

I’m a relative newbie, have found the initial course really good (for someone who’s always struggled with languages) and soon to set out on course or level 2 hopefully… not sure I’d be at a level of understanding/confidence to contribute a lot but sure anything would be useful at this stage!



@wondersheep is a good guy on Mochyn Du issues… :sunny:

I will often go on a Monday, but son’s girlfriend is arriving this evening and I have promised to cook a nice meal. I will try to get over there, but I might be a bit late. Ali, a group stalwart, I think might be coming but later as well.

But if Kev Wondersheep and Kath Wondersheep are there you’ll be fine. And perhaps Jenny too?

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I haven’t been for ages - missing everyone!
I was supposed to be seeing Derren Brown tonight but babysitter has fallen through so it is looking like no Derren and no welsh :frowning:

But Derren will know why you’re not there, right? :wink:


Hi – thanks for responses & sorry for missing the other ongoing thread which was a bit buried! Didn’t make it tonight but will try again next time, should have picked up a bit more to say by then anyway :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t notice this - had to make a fleeting visit to the office in London. We weren’t there last night, although I’m hoping we’ll be able to turn up again soon.