Cardiff Uni Welsh summer courses

Just had an email from the lovely people at Cardiff with a linky to the new leaflet. If I were retired or I had won the EuroMillions, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Uuuuuuh… Bendigedig.

I know! The thought of spending up to 8 weeks studying Welsh full time is very alluring. If we lived in South Wales, I think I’d take a sabbatical and attend.

Looks like fun, but spending a week living in Welsh at Bootcamp will do you the power of good David! Last year I made going to Bootcamp my goal and the centrepiece of my Welsh learning for the next year, and it certainly paid off.



Yep I take your point. I’ve promised myself that I’ll do Bootcamp in 2015. I’ll be the petrified one in the corner :slight_smile:

I’ve done two years of intensive courses with Cardiff Uni (one month in January and one month in the summer) and highly recommend them. I’m looking forward to doing Uwch in August.

They’re quite reasonably priced to be honest and they’re a lot better value for money than weekly classes.

Also, they don’t charge overseas students any extra. You can pay the University for accommodation as well, but some people thought it was a bit overpriced.

If anyone has any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

I didn’t realise they did January courses as well. Interesting; it might be easier for some people to get holiday in January than during the summer months.

They attempt to run at least one at each level during the academic year so they’re not all in January, however they tend to get cancelled a lot due to lack of numbers (and they don’t advertise them well) and they tend to wait till the very last minute to cancel them. So, unfortunately it’s not really something to plan on.

Actually, I think Mynediad might be the only level where they run the 4 weeks consecutively, the other ones are in 2 week blocks at various points during the year. Like 2 weeks in October and 2 weeks in March, so you can’t manage to get in more than one level during the year.

DavidHT wrote: I’ll be the petrified one in the corner :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll be the one leading the charge by then David. You’ve been promising for long enough, it’s time to make it happen. :wink:

Gruntius: I’m sure you’ll be the one leading the charge by then David. You’ve been promising for long enough, it’s time to make it happen. :wink:

Indeed I have. I think I need another bash at learning expressions like “can you say that again”, “can you rephrase that”, and “I’m deeply sorry but I still don’t understand what you’re saying, my fault entirely”, then I won’t feel quite so shy!

@DavidHT I’ll join you in the corner! I haven’t said this out loud yet, but I’ve made a goal for myself to go to Bootcamp in 2015, and I guess it’s official now… major anxiety attack in 3, 2…

but I’ve made a goal for myself to go to Bootcamp in 2015

:seren-aur: :-))

Bootcamp for me too in 2015. I really wanted to do one this year but none of the dates worked for me… There we are, I’ve said it too… Now I’m off to hyperventilate…

I did a one week one of those - it was good fun, and it taught me the short forms before I came across them in the course here. That being said, it focuses heavily on specific words rather than patterns, so it’s really up to you whether that’s what you want out of a course. It benefited me, but it might not benefit everybody.

The best thing about Bootcamp is that it is very much not a course, and I suppose anything that is put on by a university is going to look, sound and feel like a course, although hopefully it will mostly be through the medium of Welsh. (I notice worrying references to writing, reading and “grammar points”…oh dear).

But of course, some people want courses, so chwarae teg.

For those who just want the experience of living, eating, sleeping, breatihng Welsh, but for whom the Bootcamp dates don’t work, or the one they want is full, or some other reason prevents them going, what’s the nearest thing out there to a Bootcamp, does anyone know?

I have registered for the 4 week course in July , Canolradd 1and 2. I really hope that the course will run.!! Dw i’n trio i adenill fy ngharu am yr iaith. (Sorry if that is a terrible attempt at using Welsh!)

Mike: what’s the nearest thing out there

A visit to the Eisteddfod might be a good substitute, if you go with friends and vow to keep a “No English” rule for the duration.



I like the courses, I need a bit of structure in my learning and by signing up for a month’s course I commit to studying intensively for that whole time.

Personally, I don’t find the grammar too excessive. It’s more patterns than actual grammar. There hasn’t been loads of writing in the classes I’ve done, but there is a good bit of reading.

Olivia - They always have the numbers for the summer courses. Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from the Welsh for Adults Centre just to have a chat about your Welsh learning experience and to make sure you’ve signed up for the right level.

Though, I’ve heard that Uwch is quite grammar intensive.

Thanks for the warning Annie that I might receive a phone call from the centre .! I presume they will speak to me in Welsh so I had better start thinking now how to respond . I am going to re-start my SSiW course today!!!