Cardiff Meeting Monday April 9th 2018

After the last few months of meeting in the Owain Glyndwr and last month meeting up with Aran in the Laguna Bar, next Monday we are back in our ‘Mochyn Du’, or as it is now called Bragdy a Chegin!! Know that at least one group has moved from there as does not like the set-up and atmosphere now, but we have to give it a try, if only for this month. Hopefully some of you will make it to give it the once over, then we can decide if we’ll continue meeting there or move again!



I should be able to go. Haven’t been in there since it reopened so it will be an experience for me too!

What time?

We usually meet from 7pm onwards.

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Now I’'ve seen the reminder, I should be able to make it, it’s been a while!

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I’m planning on coming tomorrow. Haven’t been to a conversation group for ages. Looking forward to it though… And interested in seeing what the pub looks like now.

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I can come tonight

How will I recognise the group. I’ve not been for over a year now!

Lovely to see the return of Matthew and Gareth tonight and also Hishiv for the first time. Hishiv is off to his first Bootcamp at the end of April, so when we meet in May he will have lots to tell us!

We decided to stick with the “Mochyn Du” for our May meeting, despite the English only menus, only one Welsh-speaking member of staff and seemingly only us speaking Welsh there tonight! And continuous background muzak, a noisy coffee machine and sitting on high stools at a high table. (Guess how I feel about the place?!) Also, as Gav is off on holiday on 14th, we will meet on 7th May, despite it being a Bank holiday.


'Twas lovely to meet up again. I liked the high stools, a rare chance to put my feet flat on the ground when sitting!
It’s a pity it does seem to have changed somewhat from Y Mochyn Du, but finding somewhere central that’s quiet enough to listen is a challenge.

Sorry I didn’t make it. Bit disappointed to hear you are staying there and not moving somewhere a bit more central but will try and come next month

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I think we’re just seeing if we can still carry on meeting there for now. The atmosphere in there is slightly louder than it was before, but was about bearable to have a conversation in. See how things go I guess.

The May 2018 Meet up in Cardiff is next Monday, 7 May. Yes, I know we don’t usually meet if it is a bank holiday, but this time we are! And we are going back to the Mochyn Du, but perhaps this will be our last meeting there and we will move somewhere easier for Jenny to join us as she comes by bus. Hopefully we will all have enjoyed a warm and sunny weekend and it will continue into the Monday!

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Hi @ali Is this still on tonight? At 7pm or…? Ta.


Yes. About 7. Hopefully will be there by then, but can never tell what the traffic will be like, and I expect there will be lots of people going home from Barry Island and getting in our way!

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Hi Sylv. Have you arrived? Cannot see anyone who might be you at the moment! We will be sitting at the table just inside the garden door - number 31.

Alison and Phil

Thanks Ali, lovely to meet you all last night :slight_smile: