Cardiff meet Monday eve 23rd May?

Helooooooooooooooo pobl Caerdydd!

Any gathering of SSiW Welsh learners going on in Cardiff on Monday evening the 23rd of May by any chance?

@Ben from Chicago is travelling to the UK next week and will be in Cardiff that evening with an interest in meeting up with other SSiWers if there are any about?

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

By the way, his Cymraeg is excellent!

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If people are willing to meet up I’d like to come along too. My Welsh is VERY BASIC but I could do with practicing my listening skills ahah :smile:


I’m sorry that I won’t be there as I will be walking on the Lleyn Peninsula from Monday to Wednesday. Monday’s route passes near the home of Catrin and Aran, but unfortunately no time for me to call in, even if they are home.

Are any of you others able to go? - Kev and Cath? Gav? Sara? Julie?

Next scheduled meeting is Monday 6 June.


I can make Mon night as long as it is somewhere accessible by bus. Not sure I can remember any cymraeg but happy to join Alice with the listening practice!

@jenny_white_378 @AliceC @wondersheep @Cath2 and co, is there a plan to meet with @Ben tomorrow evening at all?

I think he’s flying from the states today. XXX

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Sorry, I completely didn’t notice this thread. We could do the Mochyn Du 7PM - 8PM if other folks are amenable.

Hey everyone thanks for wanting to do this I am currently at the airport but I should have internet again before tomorrow evening so I can check the forum again to make sure about everything. 7-8 PM tomorrow would be great if y’all wanna do that I can just google maps Mochyn Du and meet you guys there!


Fab, see you all there

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Sorry I can’t be there tonight - we’re having a flying visit from a very old friend and my MiL (coincidentally - they aren’t arriving together!), and both are leaving again in the morning. I’ll be sorry to miss Ben.

I’d like to come but I’ve never been and don’t know what you guys look like, how will I recognise you lot? :sweat:

I’ll come along for a bit also – still probably not contributing all that much (still only tried speaking two or three times in real life!)

Think there’s usually a small red dragon or similar on the table but sure someone more regular can elaborate…

Hi Alice, the first time I asked the lad behind the bar.
My bus gets there just before 7 and I have on blue spotty trousers, blue fleece and blue trainers. Can hang around at the bar if that helps?
Looking forward to meeting you

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Hi Jenny
thanks a lot, I’ll just look out for you all in blue :slight_smile:
I’ll be there sometime after 7 probably
See you later


I look a lot like my avatar, with shorter hair. I am, at the moment, and probably later too unless I fail spectactularly with eating ham sandwiches to keep it clean, wearing a Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock t-shirt.

Haha I was also wondering how I would find everyone so we can be both be a bit lost tonight Alice! I will be the lost looking American in blue nikes but I will look for everyone’s descriptions so thanks for that! See you all soon

Have a great evening!! :slight_smile:

Lovely to meet @Ben and @AliceC tonight. Hopefully it wasn’t too painful for anyone involved, irrespective of how rude @Cath2 was about me!

It was great for me to listen to you all speaking, this was the first time I was in the company of other learners so it was very interesting - even though I couldn’t speak I got a good idea of where I’m standing in terms of my learning… Looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:


Yeah it was great getting to meet you all and hopefully I get back to Cardiff sometime in the future! Keep on keeping on with all your guys Cymraeg!