Cardiff Coffee Morning, 20th September

Not sure who is thinking of going. I am afraid that I will not be there. I fainted on to my tiled bathroom floor and came off worse! Have split my forehead, knocked out two front teeth and various other cuts and bruises. Had a full MOT in A&E and am fine as long as I have a bag over my head and don’t try to talk!

Trey came to the Mochyn Du last Monday night and may still be in Cardiff. Mark has gone back to Norwich.

All i can say is look after your self young lady, we have a lot of wildlife yet to point at and ponder it’s name in welsh.
Cheers J.P.

Take care Alison! Get some rest and get well soon

Oh no! I just read this. So sorry to hear of your altercation with the bathroom floor … and I know how you feel about dentistry, so extra sorry to hear about that! Take good care of yourself!

Many thanks to the three of you.

Yes John, we have hardly scratched the surface with the Welsh names of even the most common of birds and flowers. Look forward to meeting up again sometime to do some more spotting.

SJ, hope all is going well in your new job and you have settled in to your new home.

Dee, a visit to the dentist has had to wait until the swelling goes down. It is slowly subsiding, but I fear treatment will take several visits and lots of chill pills!