Can't subscribe to SSIW

I just started to use SSIW again, and I can’t subscribe
I go to the subscription page, click the button, and get a message saying “Your subscription has been set up, thank you.” But I don’t get asked for a credit card or nothing. I’m still not subscribed.
Can somebody help?

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No, but @aran. @Kinetic or @Iestyn may be able to!
p.s. Where are you?

That sounds as though it might be a ‘previous subscriber’ hiccup that we’re aware of - I’ll tag @Kinetic in here and drop him a line, he’ll be able to solve it for you … :slight_smile:

Indeed it does sound just like that, let’s have a look…
…okay, I’ve fixed it for you! :slight_smile:


And I’m subscribed again. Diolch yn fawr iawn