Can't login to learn

Whenever I try to learn or to change the language, I get this message:
Sorry! We’re currently doing some essential maintenance on

We’ll be back shortly!


I can only access the forum, but nothing else ( on the PC, not App). I have this problem since yesterday.

I didn’t have any problem but I remembered reading someone else did. If it can help:


Thank you Gisella, this is exactly my problem. I tried to log in and out several times but I still get this message.
But now I tried another browser ( Chrome instead of Firefox) and here it works.


Sorry about that, @brigitte - @Kinetic, any insight on this?

Hmm, that’s odd. I did indeed turn the maintenance page on twice in the last week or so, as part of some essential behind-the-scenes changes - but only for very brief (10 minutes or less) periods each time. It sounds as though your browser had remembered the maintenance page during one of those brief periods, and refused to bother going back and checking to see whether that was still the case later on! I’ve now changed something on the server settings that should hopefully prevent this in future - but if it does ever happen to anyone, there’s a keyboard shortcut that works in most browsers to tell them “no, really, I would like you to actually go and fetch the page please”. In Windows I think this is normally Ctrl+F5, or possibly Shift+F5, or maybe even Shift+Ctrl+F5; on Mac OS, it’s Cmd-Shift-R. (I imagine Linux users probably already know what their appropriate keyboard shortcut is, or how to find out. :))

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Ifan, you’re the greatest !!! I tried Strg + F5 ( I think this Ctrl) and it worked. :star::star::grinning::grinning:
Thank you @aran for for tagging @Kinetic

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Yep, that’s Ctrl :slight_smile: Glad it worked!

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