Can't get past Level 1 Lesson 25

I’ve been through it twice now, first in three parts then in two, and even though the first half is mostly fine I still get a lot wrong in the second half.

Not sure if I’m near 80% correct or how to tell, but am I supposed to keep trying or move on?

A lot of my mistakes are because I have to start speaking before the narrator has finished and so I can’t hear what the last part of the sentence is: Friday night/now/Saturday morning/this weekend etc.

Also, the gaps before the first narrator starts speaking seem especially short in this lesson- deos anyone else find this?

Well done on reaching lesson 25 - it’s a long way from lesson 1 and you’ve made it!
Forget about the 80% - it’s old advice - so best to keep moving on, two or three times through is enough if you’re getting a reasonable amount right, and it sounds like you are. You can always go back to any lesson you felt you stumbled with later on (and people often say that when they do that it seems much easier than it did at the time)

In a situation where you haven’t caught the end of the sentence by the narrator, here’s a tip - it’s fine to put in your own ending (if the ending is supposed to be “nos Wener” and you say “nos Mercher”, that’s fine as long as you accept you said “Wednesday night” because you didn’t catch the “Friday night”). If what you said makes sense, it’s all good - your brain is coming up with a viable sentence! :slight_smile:

When the gaps seem particularly brief, it’s ok to use the pause button. As long as you use it sparingly and don’t get into the habit of being over-reliant on it, it’ll work to your advantage.

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Challenge 25 is particularly difficult as it contains practice of ALL the Welsh you’ve done in Level 1, and that’s quite a lot!

Sometimes people find they need to have another run at it, going through Challenge 23 once, then Challenge 24 once, then tackling it again, but as Siaron says - don’t worry about it.

As you start on Level 2, just come back and have a run through Challenge 25 again every now and then. It will get easier and it will keep what you’ve learnt in Level 1 fresh in your mind.

Congratulations! You’ve doing really well!

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