Canadian ‘Deep-ender’ looking for conversation partner

Helo folks,

If you think I have a big challenge ahead trying to tuck in 2 hours of conversation in Welsh this week, whoever is kind (and crazy) enough to accompany me also has a challenge because:

  1. I live in Vancouver—8 hours behind the UK.
  2. Although I have completed Levels 1 & 2 and run through 20 lessons of 3 quickly, I did not do the 6-Month Course, so am not used to 10-minute conversations let alone 2 hours, or 2x1-hour.
  3. Past experiences on Slack have been a bit trying because I use Apple, and only by being led by the hand technically by a SSiW friend managed at all—so may need guidance to get started again.
  4. I am deaf/hard-of-hearing so need strong, clear speaking your end.

Aside from all that, it should be a piece of cake!

I am interested in lots of things from rugby to hiking, to painting, potting, cooking, trains, travelling, am 3/4 way through an M.A. in Celtic Studies, a retired engineer and retired volunteer priest who specialized in spirituality (meditation, pilgrimages, labyrinths… inter-faith work), and really want help getting over my mental block about sustained conversations, rather than just pleasantries when speaking Welsh. To show how committed I am, Andrew and I travelled from Vancouver specially to attend the Parti, then added in some hiking in Snowdonia and a visit to my brother in St. Nicholas on the Vale of Glamorgan. We grew up in Splott—what more can I say?

Any takers? Pleeease!



Well guess who? Delighted to help!

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Absolutely Brilliant Sandra–I am so pleased and very grateful. This will be great fun–but I hope you don’t mind S-Walian :slight_smile:

Slack seems to be the platform that gives me technical problems, but Skype works fine, and we could experiment with FaceTime since we both have Apples.

Please ‘message’ or email me to suggest a few good times for you–or alternatively ‘no-go times’.

By the way–that flight from Anglesea to Cardiff was brilliant–1/2 hour (with a tail wind), including excellent coffee and shortbread–yummy. It was a lot cheaper than the train or renting a car and gained us an extra day with my brother since we landed at 9:30 am and he lives just 15 mins from the airport. What a view too!

Talk soon,