Cân i Gymru 2015

Dylan Jones was mentioning this years contest and the new format this morning. Here’s S4Cs release:


Well, this years show arrived without a lot of fanfare - Perhaps that was best as it was very disappointing; when compared to the past few years. Cân i Gymru is only going to be as good as the standard of the song entries, obviously…Sadly, this year the standard wasn’t that great. It was dire. Trist!
The organizers have got a lot to think about before 2016.

WARNING: Just as you think the songs can’t get any worse they do.


The last couple of years appear to have been a false dawn. The winner two years ago was both musically credible and popular, while the majority of last year’s entries were from young writers from the contemporary scene. I suppose the fact that last year’s eventual winner was the only throwback to the dreadful MOR past of the competition should have given us a clue to what the future held.

Still, the cynicism and sarcasm on Twitter last night was entertaining enough! :smile:


Thanks, for pointing me to that. I see a few people commented that the producers must do a lot of thinking before next year.
Wales, a land of song: Well, anyone tuning in from outside of Wales or, had arrived from another planet, would have laughed at that claim after last nights offering…God! there’s so many talented songwriters in the Cymru Gymraeg…Dear Lord, please let them pen something for 2016.


I suppose it serves a useful purpose if it acts as a gentle reminder to people that just because something’s in Welsh, doesn’t mean that it’s automatically any good! :wink:

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I wish I’d realised that before watching this years show,Robert…
After, a good nights sleep looking forward to 2016s competition. Might even try composing something myself. Already got a title - Hiraeth Euraid.

Was that the year when they didn’t give it to Kizzy Crawford? I was appalled at that decision.

Yup. The shortlisted songs for 2014 are at the foot of this page - http://www.s4c.cymru/canigymru2014/ - How the eventual winner got chosen from that lot is one of the enduring mysteries of the universe along with the Nazca Lines, those Egyptian Hieroglyphics with a helicopter in, and how [name of politician redacted] manages to sleep at night.

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