Just been on the DalAti Twitter site where I came across this link for a residential course.· Oct 10

Eisiau dysgu cymraeg gyda Dewi Pws? Dewch i @campiaith @tynrhyd @Annaaprob @rhian_owens @dalati @LearningWelsh

Sounds interesting, but not sure I could keep up with the pace of activities!

Yes - I spotted this. It’s at the end of half term holidays, but I was thinking of putting some feelers out to them to see what was happening, and get what went on. It’s an interesting semi-bootcamp, from what I can see, with all sorts of activities, but some lessons as well. Thy’re saying that it’s open to any level, which I think may be a mistake, as total beginners will be totally out of their depth. But they may work out a way to deal with that.

Thanks for reminding me…

5 star self catering accommodation for up to 45 people. That would be a big bootcamp!

Tresaith has accomodation for up to 44 people, plus flats, as well.

It’s just that we prefer to be able to hear each other speak, and fit into the Llong of an evening! :wink:

Dwi’n dwli Tresaith…Hefyd, 'swn i’n colli, Steve, Phil, Ianto, Keith, Hywel, Dewi a phawb wrth y bar. :wink:

The two women running, CampIaith were on todays Bore Da talking about what their up to. It starts 32 minutes in.

I’ve just been sent a flyer for a Campiaith residential weekend in Llangrannog - 25th & 26th September, suitable for learners of all levels AND Cymry Cymraeg!
It costs £120 per person which includes accommodation, food, learning activities, ‘additional activities’ and evening entertainment …
Contact information on the flyer

CI_flyer.pdf (454.1 KB)


Plus I see there’s no supper on Day 2. That’s a bit tough, even for a bootcamp! :slight_smile:

This could be a sneaky way for me to introduce my darling wife to the delights of the old language! Hmmm…


Just realised that this actually overlaps by one day (rather than abuts, as I originally thought) the September bootcamp. This unfortunately rules out (or makes awkward) one possibility that otherwise byddai wedi bod yn berffaith, given that Llangrannog is not a million miles from Tresaith.

Ar y llaw arall, it does give another possibility for anyone who can’t quite make the full bootcamp, or as a consolation if the latter fills up.