Cambridge Meet up in January 2016

Blwyddyn newydd hapus Bawb!
Next Cambridge meet up is planned for Tuesday 19th January 2016 in the Alma public house at 7pm. You are all very welcome.

And February 16th? :slight_smile:

Hi dee Cawn ni weld… Caergrawnt ydy’r 16 ( nos fawrth ) ac mae’r un Norfolk yr 18 (nos iau ) diolch yn fawr. John

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Thank you, John, for making Bob Westacott and me so welcome last Thursday and for the challenges you gave us during the evening. It was great fun and I found the Welsh conversation especially useful. Down here in deepest Suffolk the opportunities for practice are limited to say the least. I’ve noted the February date and very much hope to see you all again next month.
Tan tro nesaf,

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Hi John. Thank you and Bob for coming along and you are welcome anytime… the more the merrier. It was good to have Bob and his guitar and I now know that Fflat Huw Puw isn’t someones residence in Cardiff ! Next meet up is the 18th same time same place. I am going to ask folk to find a bit of Welsh prose to bring along and read, something that takes your fancy and we can all be druids for the evening ( joke).

pob hwyl i chdi

Ioan Saethwr ( John Archer)

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Felly @maynard, Caergrawnt 15fed Mawrth a Norfolk 17fed?