Caernarfon tomorrow?

No reply on FB so I’m asking here.

I’m arriving in Caernarfon at noon tomorrow, on the Aberystwyth bus, and leaving Bangor by train at 20.20. The principle reason is to see an exhibition at Galeri. Where and what else to do and see?

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I’m not sure what else is ‘on’ in Caernarfon but I’m not working tomorrow, so I’d be happy to meet up for a panad and sgwrs if you’d like?

Sending you a PM.

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You’d be welcome for a panad if you could make it out here :slight_smile: - I’m going to be mostly without car, though, because Catrin has to go do and do a bunch of stuff in Pwllheli tomorrow.

Paned with @siaronjames and then the 2.20 train to Beddgelert. A bus back to Caernarfon, two hours before my bus to Bangor and train from there. I suspect public transport to you, under those conditions, is pretty unlikely.

I’d be happy to run you up to Aran’s and back in the car @margaretnock, if the schedule’s not too tight (although I suspect it might be) - or I could pop up and pick up @aran, bring him into town then drop him back afterwards if that works for him?

@aran, does that work for you? Being in Caernarfon for noon-ish with Siaron collecting you? If not, I totally understand. It’s very short notice.

You’d both be very welcome out here :slight_smile: - keen to minimise time not working as much as possible, so in and out of town wouldn’t be ideal

I’ll have a word with @siaronjames when I arrive, and we’ll let you know. Diolch, beth bynnag.

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well just so @margaretnock knows, Caernarfon to Aran’s house (and vice versa) would take me about 15 to 20 mins in the car - that would mean after seeing the exhibition (and forgoing a panad in the Galeri to have one at Aran’s instead) we could make it there and back in time for the train, but it might rush things a bit.

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Aran, rydyn ni’n ar ein ffordd, ac yn gadael 13.50 un union.

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Ac rwan dwi’n gweld…:wink:

Hyfryd iawn gweld chi ddwy! :star: :star2:


Fi hefyd. Diolch am fod adre.

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