CACEN Comes to Cardiff Part Two - Senedd/Millenium Stadium 7 & 8 April 2018

The Sussex SSIW group (CACEN) is planning a day at St Fagan’s. we plan to meet up at around 10:30 and amble through the museum for as long as it takes during the day. If anyone would like to join us, please let us know and stay tuned to this forum entry for updates.


Ooh, I love St Fagan’s - count me in :smile:
Are you staying in Cardiff long?


Hi Jenny

Great to hear from you. We arrive Friday evening and leave Sunday morning. You will be welcome to join us and I will keep you up to date via the forum. If you don’t hear for a while please feel free to prompt me.

Are you with a group?


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Assuming I have a day off on the 5th March, I may also come along.
I will confirm this nearer the time though.


Hi Mark, I meet up with the Cardiff group and live in north Cardiff.
It will be lovely to meet you all

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Ooh, I was busy over Christmas / New Year and didn’t spot this. I LOVE St Fagans, so I will have to see if I can make it. It would be great to meet up with everyone.


Also a bit late to this particular party. I think 5 March is free, and I too am a huge fan of St Fagans, so I’ll hope to make it :slight_smile:

I live in St Brides, if I’m in Cardiff that weekend I’d love to meet you all

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi i gyd

The plot develops for the weekend away.

There will be about a dozen of us from the Sussex/Surrey/Hants area. we plan to stay at a hotel on the outskirts of Cardiff on Friday and Saturday nights. We will be at the entrance to St Fagan’s at 10:30 and hang around for 10 minutes for anyone else who wants to join us to meet up with us. there will be Welsh as well as English-only so a very mixed group.
This means that at whatever level you are or none at all, you will be welcome to join us. We will likely leave St Fagan’s for a cafe/shop Cymraeg in Cardiff for tea and then convene at a pub Cymraeg in central Cardiff around 8:00 for a meal. If you’re interested in joining us for this, please let me know and I will give you details. There is an online menu.The plan is we can pre-order the food so we’ll know the cost, I can collect and pay the caterers. We can sort out our own drinks.
The important thing is that if we can get about 20-30 people together we will be given exclusive use of the pub restaurant area, where we hope to do a bit of a Noson Lawen. So…if you have a party piece, Welsh or English, polish it up and sign up to get on the rota.
Please let me know by Private Message if you would like to be included in the evening so I can liaise with the pub for the food as well as keep an eye on numbers.
Aran and Iestyn, if you and Cat and Catrin are around, you will be welcome to be guests of honour - we’ll have a whipround for your dinner.
Hwyl fawr

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Sounds like loads of fun! @Iestyn - just flagging Iestyn here - perhaps a family day at St Fagans?

The more the merrier for both St Fagans, the teashop and Noson Lawen but please bear in mind the teashop is small and there is a restauarant capacity of 30 at the pub but don’t let that put anyone off. I’m sure we can cope. It therefore would really help if those wanting to go to the teashop and/or the pub can PM (please see below) me so I can give the caterers at both places a sense of numbers.

This is getting better by the minute

Hwyl fawr

In fact, on second thoughts, let’s do it here:
Those wanting tea:

Those wanting to come to the pub:

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Thank you to those who have declared an interest. i will contact you with more details in the very near future. Meanwhile, any more for any more?

Just about every member of the Amgueddfa Cymru team you encounter at St Fagan’s will likely be a Welsh language speaker - primarily first language speakers from both north and south. One highlight for me back in September was chatting in Cymraeg with a lady on duty in the haberdashery who had recently relocated to Cardiff from the Wladfa (Patagonia). Felly, dylech drio dechrau pob sgwrs yn Gymraeg - if you want to make the most of you visit.

As an added bonus, you may even be able to visit the new Welsh language centre in the Old Library in central Cardiff if it’s timetable for opening hasn’t slipped again - it shouldn’t be more than a brisk 15 minute walk from there to the Mochyn Du.

Pob lwc i bawb!


The official opening is Thursday, 25th February. As a supporter have just received an invitation to the opening.


Diolch Hweljohn, having Googled, it doesn’t sound likely yet. Next time…

Ali, thank you for this. It hadn’t occurred to me it may be closed for Winter. there’s nothing that suggests that on the website. I have emailed them to ask that it’s Ok around 12-20 people turn up so watch this space, everyone

There’s going to be a special event at St Fagans on the 5th March - for International Women’s Day

They must have rebuilt the Celtic village part. I seem to remember it being closed for a while.

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Right then

The date is looming. It has been a pleasure to know that several from the Cardiff area will join us, we are very much looking forward to your company.

The format for the weekend is
arrive Friday
Saturday go to St Fagans
Afternoon tea at a Welsh language teashop/shop in Cardiff
Evening pub meal followed by a noson lawen where if you can do a turn, we’d love to see/hear it
Sunday Welsh language chapel service in the city centre

Last call now: If you’d like to join us for this cultural bonanza, please PM me and I’ll send you details.

Dymuniadau gorau


I’m sure some of us will be coming from Barry to St Fagans on the Saturday. No numbers as yet, but I don’t suppose you actually need numbers for that part of your trip? I’ll advertise the rest of the activities, but evening travel’s a bit problematic so not too hopeful of joining you later. It all sounds like a great programme, though.

Hi Arianrhod

Thanks for your message.

If you plan to join us for the evening part, it would be helpful to let the pub know who wants what for food. If you email me at I’ll send you the form we’re using which will help me ‘keep order’, and maybe anyone else in your group too.
Looking forward to meeting you

Hwyl Fawr


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Hi Mark

This sounds awesome. I’d like to take part. Still a bit nervous about speaking Welsh but I’ll never improve if I don’t socialise in Welsh! And this event sounds fantastic!

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