C3 L15 - 'ae' yn y De

Just made my first pass through gwers 15 of Course 3 South and was just curious about the pronunciation of gwael / yn wael and ta waeth. Since learning words such as llaeth and cael, I’ve got used to pronouncing these single-syllable ‘ae’ words and others like them in the Southern way, (ie. cael = Carl) and had begun to think that this was the case for all similar words in the South. But I’m guessing now that this is not the case? Unfortunately, I now have a tendency to pronounce all of the single-syllable ‘ae’ words like this!

Also, the lesson says that ‘seriously’ is ‘wir yr’, which is fine, but I have also been using ‘o ddifri’ for ‘seriously’ as learned from Pobol. Are these pretty interchangeable or is there a different emphasis? Not really familiar with ‘wir yr’.

Diolch yn fawr iawn. :slight_smile:

Are these pretty interchangeable


Stick with whatever pronounciation comes to you first - it’s not something you should try to micro-manage. You’ll end up sounding like the people you talk to most, without needing to worry about it…:smile:

With the caveat that, while you can cymryd rhywbeth o ddifri - take something seriously - you can’t *\cymryd o wir yr :wink:

Diolch yn fawr iawn both. :slight_smile: