C1(N) Gwers 23

I really struggled with course 1 lesson 23 today, having sailed through 22. I’m getting confused about word order, whether or not it matters and how much information can you put between ‘gofyn’ and ‘wrthot ti’? for example:

“The old cat didn’t ask me how I do it” “*Wnaeth y hen gath ddim gofyn sut dw i’m gwneud o wrtha i” neu " Wnaeth y hen gath ddim gofyn wrtha i sut dw i’m gwneud o"

Whilst you’re waiting for someone who knows what they’re talking about, what I do is if the word following “tell you/me” is “how”, “what”, “that”, “when” then I put wrthy ti before. Ie if the next bit of the sentence needs it’s own verb.

If it’s just something or anything or a stand alone phrase without a verb then I put that before the wrthy ti.

Edit: Reading that back I’m not sure it makes sense, but after two hours of dancing my brain has gone to sleep!


Hi - the personal preposition - ‘wrtha i’ comes after ‘gofyn’,which relates to it i.e. ‘asked (a question) of me.’ So it should be, as in your second try - 'Wnaeth yr hen gath ddim gofyn wrtha i sut dw i’n gwneud o.

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The most important thing here is not to worry, for two reasons:

1 - you’re getting into deeper waters now, where there are usually going to be more than one way to say anything in particular - ‘wnaeth yr hen gath ddim gofyn wrtha i sut dwi’n gwneud o’ (worth noticing the ‘dwi’n’ with an N there, not an M) would be your most common answer here, but if you said ‘wnaeth yr hen gath ddim gofyn sut dwi’n gwneud o wrtha i’ in conversation, I don’t think most people would even notice (and it’s not grammatically wrong as such, just not the pattern you’d hear most often in ordinary speech, which is only something you can really dial in by getting into enough conversations).

2 - you don’t need to be perfect on any individual lesson - it’s a cumulative process, and you can have an off-day for a wide number of reasons. Push on through to the end of the course now, and then come back to 24 and 25 (which cover everything you’ve done) once every few weeks (letting the gap get gradually longer).

Hope this helps… :sunny:

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Diolch Aran, knowing that both are technically correct and that knowing which to use comes with ordinary speech is very useful to know, so I won’t worry about it. I honestly have no idea where the ‘m’ came from, my brain was somewhat befuddled after that lesson!

Don’t worry about it - it’s absolutely normal to have glitches in the early stages - they iron themselves out with usage… :sunny:

As Aran said, don’t worry about it.

I go with what Rachel said. If I was being asked about something (a single thing) “Wnaeth y hen gath ddim gofyn rhywbeth wrtha i” then it’s before. If it’s about a sentence (with a verb) it’s afterwards: “Wnaeth y gath ddim goofy wrtha i sut dwi’n gwneud rhywbeth”.

I have no catchy way of remembering this and realise all I’ve done is repeat other people, but I’ve written all of this now so I feel I should post it, haha! Sorry!

Anyway, remember - don’t worry! If it makes you feel better, my girlfriend is first language Welsh and often doesn’t mutate words - she’s understood perfectly!