Bŵtcamps 2023

I can now announce that we’ve organised another bŵtcamp week at Garth Newydd - 21-28 August.

This falls towards the end of the school holidays, so hopefully it will suit those of you who have specifically requested a bŵtcamp when the schools aren’t open - teachers, classroom assistants, etc.

Express your interest in the same way - email me (deborah@saysomethingin.com) or send me a message - and include whether you’re OK to share a room.

Remember that there are 6 places for Twin rooms, and only 3 for a Single room, so you increase your chances of getting a place if you’re willing to share.


Diolch Deborah - have sent an email but confirming here my clear interest in the June 5-12 bwtcamp and happy to share.

Fingers crossed, Chris

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Diolch yn fawr to everyone has sent in an expression of interest! At the moment, September is the most popular month so it likely to be a lottery, whereas August still needs a few people, so if anyone is able to come in August instead of September, they will have more of a chance.

I’m hoping to contact everyone by the end of the week with an idea of how likely it is that they will get their first preference. I know that you all need to organise holidays etc, so I’ll do it as soon as I can.


Hi Deborah
I’ve just e-mailed you about September but happy to move to August if easier :slight_smile:

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All those who indicated a preference for the April bŵtcamp have been emailed - see the note in Bŵtcamp April 2023 - 24th to 1st May - Lampeter

I’m gradually getting the Bŵtcamp places sorted, but I’d really like to have a few backup people if at all possible.

With some of the bŵtcamps being still months away, it’s highly likely that one or two people may need to drop out, so if there are people who would be willing to put themselves down as a possible “reserve” for a particular month, with no commitment at this stage, it would help :slight_smile:

The absolute ideal would be at least one man and one woman willing to take a Twin or a Single, but if you have other preferences that’s fine.

I’d love to come to a Bootcamp this year! My family will need our car though, so the challenge is how to get there via public transport or get a lift, or a combination of those, from Bedfordshire. Any tips?

There’s no train station in Lampeter, but its on the T1 bus route so its possible to get there using a train and bus combination :slight_smile: Here’s the bus details: https://traws.cymru/en

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Once the participants are all organised for a particular bwtcamp, it’s often possible to organise lifts beforehand if others are coming from a similar location. We even had a couple coming from overseas meet up in Amsterdam and travel on from there together once :slight_smile:

I’m looking at building up to a bwtcamp do you know if there are other similar but shorter courses that do a similar thing of no English etc.

Yes @abitinga ! The residential weekends at Garth Newydd provide Welsh immersion weekends at a really reasonable price, with comfy beds and without sharing rooms!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:https://paned.cymru/


Raise confidence weeks run by Hwyliaith in 2024! :partying_face: Live Welsh Weeks in Ceredigion 2024

@abitinga Live Welsh Weeks in Ceredigion 2024

We welcome people who do karate :partying_face:

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