Broken link?

I had a look at the new SSI Spanish to see what it was like following thread on forum and now whenever I press discuss it takes me back to the Spanish forum not the Welsh one which is where I came from. I use the discuss button to see if there have been any new posts. I thought maybe I had confused it so went back to my original bookmark but it is still taking me to the Spanish forum. Any ideas?

I forget the exact heuristic used, but it’s trying to guess which forum to take you to based on the lessons you’ve been interested in. Does going to the Learn Welsh, and then Discuss from there fix it for you?

I came out of page totally then started again and I think it’s working now. I must have confused it lol


It’s practically the same as if I click on “Learn” link being on the forum and it takes me to Cornish instead of Welsh.

Well, nothing wrong with a click more but I really was confused when it first happened saying to myself “Where in the name of God all lessons vanished?” then I realized it is Cornish I was thrown to.

Well I have to say that I have other computer then I had before and I deleted all cookies a day or two ago so there’s no way old things could be dragged from somewhere for site to use them. :slight_smile:

It’s not done with cookies, as I recall, but the site remembering you.

It’s nice to know someone remembers me. - hehe.

Now siriously, I don’t remember when I visited Cornish course at least not from teh forum side.

Well, I don’t go often to “Learn” from forum so nothing that it would matter. I just mentioned as the topic is about links and where you’re brought to from somewhere. That’s all. :slight_smile:

This happened to me. Aran told me to click on Spanish to get back, but I’d done that!! Then I realised that I clicked on Spanish in the forum. If you click on it at the very beginning as soon as you log in, you get to Welsh and then when you log out, next time you go straight to Welsh!! I hope that is clear and helpful!!

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It’s randomly started doing it again today but I haven’t closed the page been to Spanish page or anything. I press discuss it takes me to Spanish forum…

If you find yourself in the Spanish forum, look for the ‘Spanish’ link at the top of the forum:

Click on the arrow next to it (circled in red above), and you’ll see a drop-down list with Welsh on it:

Click on Welsh in there, and you’ll be back in the Welsh forum :sunny:

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