Brilliant bilingual kids' music needs help

A friend of mine has been running fantastic bilingual music classes (“Babi Bach”) for babies and small children for almost a year now. They’ve been a huge success locally and were the first Welsh language group ever to get to the finals of the “What’s On” awards earlier this year.

Now Penni is planning to make a bilingual CD of music for very young kids. Apparently there is room in the market for something with a more “modern” feel than a lot of the Welsh language children’s music available at the moment. She’s set up a project on the Kickstarter crowd-funding website to try an raise the £1500 capital they would need.
They’ve passed the half-way point, but will need to get all the rest in the next 9 days, or they won’t get a penny.

Anyone with small kids, (or money) might like to consider backing them, as a £20 pledge would get you an MP3 version of the album, once made. (For £150, you could get to sing backing vocals!)

Here’s an article on them from the local paper.

33 backers, £890 pledged of £1500 - they get nothing if they don’t hit the target in the next 5 days, so if you’re interested, now is a good time to lend a hand…:smile:

Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to look at this, and of course to anyone who decided to support them! They’re now up to £1118 with 58 hours to go.

If you would like an album of welsh songs for small children, I’m sure it will be good… (And of course if they don’t reach the £1500 target, nothing will happen and you won’t be charged.)

And now at £1218 with 16 hours to go! It’s not too late!

They did it!! Only in the last few hours and by the skin of their teeth, so anybody who did decide to back them will have made a real difference. Thank you again for reading, let’s look forward to a sing along… (Grab a small child if poss!)

Fantastic, many congratulations!..:smile:

Fabulous! Congratulations to them and all the best with the venture!