Brain is doing weird things

Has anybody who is learning Welsh noticed strange things that they didn’t notice before or other strange things happening.
For example. I’ve noticed when I’m driving and reading road signs I actually notice and read the Welsh before seeing the English.

Another thing that happened, and its freaked me out a little bit, I’ve started having dreams entirely in Welsh. At a level that I haven’t achieved when I am awake. How is that possible??


I often have dreams in Welsh in which I am definitely more ‘fluent’ than I am when I speak. I was a bit ‘freaked out’ the first time too, but embrace it now. I put it down to my brain processing and learning during ‘downtime’. Or something like that! Either way I think it is a good sign that you are learning!



I think it’s totally natural and probably a very good sign!

I was in Russia once for a couple of weeks and needed to do a fair bit of proper communicating - although I probably knew about 20 words in total! I remember dreaming in fluent Russian and waking up thinking “That is weird!!!”.

Sadly I rarely dream in Welsh, as I don’t manage to use it enough at the mo…


The other fun thing is reading English signs and then trying to interpret them in Welsh. A well-known one that has been posted here in the past is “plant sale”. :slight_smile:


This sounds extremely promising, Dan - your brain doesn’t do that kind of stuff until you make it do some proper work, so you’re doing good stuff… :sunny: